Should Leftists be Permitted to Ignore These Vital US Papers?

Regardless of how you view society, it has fundamentally changed.

Once, marriage was not only between one man and one woman, it was also a societal norm. Living together, on the other hand, was frowned upon just a few short years ago, although now, it is much more acceptable. Why? Because of the society that we live in.

The political liberal minds and Hollywood have bombarded you so much both regularly and consistently, that they eventually wore many of us down. In fact, they have strived to normalize every aspect of immoral behavior. But just because something is accepted, that does not make it normal. However, to members of the far Left, why’s don’t matter; they say, “just accept it.”

Then of course along came the one I am sure you have heard many times before: “It’s just a piece of paper.” That so-called “meaningless” document stood for and still stands for commitment, allegiance, and loyalty. Thus, it is not just a piece of paper.

Another Piece of Paper

Once upon a time, Illegal aliens were so named because they were not naturalized; hence, they were illegal. Until they went through the naturalization process, they were denied the rights and benefits of citizenship.

Fast forward to present day- this appears to be no longer the case. Many of the rights that you and I have learned and earned as citizens of this country are now granted to those who simply choose to ‘break in and enter’ America, and are allowed to stay by calling themselves ‘asylum seekers.’ This prompts the question: “Isn’t this a crime?”

Apparently not, since the political Left and the Mainstream Media, who have bombarded you again and again, deem it acceptable and have normalized it. But again, why isn’t this a crime?

What does the law say?

Well, the law defines breaking and entering as, “entering any building through the slightest amount of force (even pushing open a door), without authorization.” When someone enters in and commits a theft, it is considered burglary. Even If there is no such intent, going in and entering alone may be considered an illegal trespass, which is a misdemeanor crime.

What about seeking asylum?

The legal description of that is as follows: ‘An asylum seeker is a person who flees his or her home country, enters another country and applies for asylum, i.e., the right to international protection, in this other country. An asylum seeker may be a refugee, a displaced person, but not a migrant, such as an ‘economic migrant.’ Ergo, migrants are not asylum seekers.

Based on those definitions, and a preponderance of evidence to the contrary, what these illegal aliens have done is actually nothing more than breaking and entering. Unless you are in danger from the country where you live
(which many are not), you are not seeking asylum.

Why is that dangerous?

For several reasons. First: with marriage, it was created to unify two people in a covenant relationship; this is a binding agreement and stated in the Bible as such: “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

It says in essence that we are not only committed but have done so for life. There is an allegiance; a covenant~ not just a piece of paper.

Much like any other covenant, American citizenship is not just a piece of paper; It too stands for commitment, allegiance, and loyalty.

Since the late 1800’s, over fifty-one million immigrants have come through New York’s Ellis Island and become naturalized citizens. This meant that, while perhaps they were of Irish, Jewish, or Swedish descent originally, they swore an allegiance to America.

These illegals that break in and enter at our borders have no such loyalty. These individuals also taunt, insult, and ridicule our country and its President, while carrying flags of their home country.

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Why? Again, they have no such loyalty.

Despite what the ‘wise men and women’ of CNN may tell you, these are not asylum seekers. They are primarily made up of men between 15 and 40+ looking for a free pass into the U.S.; very few women and children are in most of these ‘caravans’ (although there are more women and children now).

If they were honestly looking for work, or even asylum, they would have stayed in Mexico, or the first port they came to. According to 2021 statistics, there was an average of 7,769 illegal southern border crossings every day of that year. That amounts to a total of at least 2,072,835 by year’s end.

How about the claim that illegals are ‘good’ for America? Just ask the good people of Tijuana, whose economic system is now upside down, struggling toward a collapse. Why? Because no matter how strong an economy is, there are only so many resources to go around. If those that are continually taking are bringing so little to the table, those resources soon dry up.

Ask the more than 600,000 homeless American men, women, children, elderly, and veterans, who call pavements, streets, alleys, and the occasional bed-bug infested shelters home, while more than twenty-two million illegals (most likely more than double that now) have clean beds and clothing. Those very same ones that are treated so well still trash our country and thumb their noses at all for which she stands, while robbing her citizens blind.

Why is this happening again?

Because to these Illegal Aliens, they still have no reason to contribute. What is worse, is that the Biden administration sought to repeal the prior administration’s border and wall policies that had already shown not only tremendous promise, but success- from day one!

So why wouldn’t those illegally coming into our country continue to do just that? They have no reason to stop. Remember, these non-citizens have no allegiance. As with many other issues facing our nation, those on the Left simply change the name of their target to soften the blow of the meaning.

Like magic, Global Warming becomes Climate Change. Illegal aliens become Undocumented Immigrants. So, what type of allegiance would you have, receiving things you did not have to earn or work for?

Absolutely none.

The truth is, becoming legal, whether via citizenship or green card, is not just a piece of paper. Very much like the marriage certificate, it says I belong; I am faithful. It also says my fidelity comes first. According to the Left, that type of loyalty does not matter.

After all, to them, it is just a piece of paper.

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