The Unmasking of General Mark Milley

Or did he just unmask himself?


General Mark Milley is not on our side. He’s serving “The New World Order”. “The Great Reset”.  He complained in a letter of resignation to President Trump while serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that President Trump was disruptive of “the international order”.  (Well, we should hope so!)

Milley admits that he never sent that letter because he felt he could be more effective if he stayed on and sabotaged President Trump at every opportunity. That letter is now public in a book authored by another Trump hater. Of course, Biden gladly kept Milley on as CJCS.

No wonder Mark Milley hates President Trump so much. He knows that when Donald J. Trump is elected president again in 2024, Milley’s treasonous ass is going to prison for undermining this country and dishonoring the military. Mark Milley’s name will blemish our history beside names of other military traitors, such as Benedict Arnold.


Is it hard for you to fathom that saboteurs have burrowed into the United States government?  Let me tell you that, sadly, there are precedents.


Henry Wallace, one of Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vice presidents during his 3 terms in office, was a Communist.


Alger Hiss, secretly a member of the Communist Party U.S.A.- the same party that openly endorsed Hilary Clinton in her, fortunately, unsuccessful 2016 run for the presidency – was tried, convicted and imprisoned for spying for the Soviet Union.

He served under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as government attorney for F.D.R.’s New Deal. Later Hiss operated as a high-level State Department official, then a Department of Justice official, after which he worked on a U.S. Senate committee that exercised oversight of military contractors.  Alger Hiss was also a co-founder of the United Nations, later operating as the Secretary General of the United Nations.

The huge amount of damage such a well-connected Communist operative can do to the United States cannot be overestimated.

Education is no guarantee that someone will not serve Communism. As a matter of fact, it merely enables a person to be more effective at damaging our country. Alger Hiss was an attorney with a Harvard law degree and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Johns Hopkins.


 Okay. Those two guys were civilians. You would assume that a general cannot possibly be other than a true patriot who carries in his heart the best interests of the United States of America. Wouldn’t you?

People aren’t always who they seem to be. Greek philosopher, Plato, wrote, “Things are not always as they seem…the first appearance deceives many.”

Let me give you a real-life example. One would assume that a man who had gone through Roman Catholic seminary then was ordained, says Mass, and administers the sacraments is a genuine priest, right?

Not when it is a role assigned to him by the Communist Party to totally inhabit. The education, the clerical garb, the lingo, the sacraments – all of that is necessary to master in order to become adept at subverting the target institution.

Such were the “peace priests”. They looked real but were Communist operatives ordered to infiltrate the clergy in Hungary after the Soviets brutally put down the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

There were also female Communist operatives who took vows as nuns. Their mission? The same: to destroy the Church from within. To extinguish hope in the people. Religion is one of the greatest enemies of atheistic Communism.

These Commie priests and nun plants were spies put into place as sleeper cells. When activated, they demoralized, surveilled, and informed on those not toeing the line. They indulged in sacrilegious debauchery, including fornicating on the altar.


Today in America, soldiers are indoctrinated in woke-ism. It’s demoralizing our men and women in uniform.

Today in America children are indoctrinated by teachers, persuaded to conceal from their parents how the curriculum is being warped as well as urged to inform on their parents.


In short, the international agenda of Communism is to destroy its institutional and individual enemies. What institutions are the major obstacles to their gaining power? Not just organized religion and the military. Also the family unit, an objective educational system, and a free press. You and I are regarded as enemies.


In order to thrive, Communism must eradicate patriotism.  It’s succeeding. At least 40% of U.S. college students see socialism as ideal and are ashamed of our country. Some polls put that number at 65%. And all agree that it’s rising.

Brainwashed by Leftist professors – who comprise the overwhelming majority of professors – they fail to realize that socialism is to Communism as stage 3 cancer is to stage 4 cancer.


The Manchurian Candidate – that is, Barack Obama – already set the stage for the pollution of the military.  He purged a huge number of colonels and generals who were patriots and free thinkers.

Obama also tried to ban all Bibles and prevent chaplains from praying. I saw the directives. Fortunately, an enormous public outcry quickly reversed that.

Obama also forced permitting Muslim religious practices on the military under the pretext of “diversity and inclusion”: the mantra that labels any questioner an enemy of the state. There’s a huge Muslim symbol engraved into the outside stone wall of one of the buildings at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

I have a copy of the first English language Koran ever printed. It’s unexpurgated, unsanitized. The 3 pillars of Islam are reflected therein: KILL ALL INFIDELS (translation: all non-Muslims), TORTURE ALL INFIDELS, LIE TO ALL INFIDELS. These are not options. They are doctrine.

Given that, wouldn’t you think it would be a bit challenging to serve alongside American Muslims knowing that their fellow Muslims in the Middle East were the ones who set off the IEDs that blew your legs off?

Would you feel safe knowing that there are people like the Arlington, Virginia-born Muslim psychiatrist, who was educated in the USA, graduated from our military’s medical school (U.S.U.H.S. on the Walter Reed campus), yet murdered 13 people at Ford Hood and tried to murder but injured 32 more on base? Ideology is near-impossible to eradicate.


Under a Communist regime the military is a tool.  Its purpose is to subjugate and punish the people.

The 4-star Milley is in lockstep with racist buffoon SecDef Lloyd Austin, and his racist black enforcer, Witch Hunter In Chief Bishop Garrison. They are hellbent on eradicating patriotism (it’s been re-labeled domestic terrorism” and “hate speech”) and inculcating “woke”-ism. And soldiers are encouraged to inform on each other.

Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland (after the raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, many people are now beginning to call Garland’s fiefdom the Department of Injustice), so-called “General” Mark Milley – they’re all the same. They’re AMINOs: AMERICANS IN NAME ONLY.


If you express disagreement with the party line or even dare question it, it’s labeled “hate speech” and/or “racist”. You are canceled. Take your pick: you could be fired, demoted, not hired; have your bank and credit card accounts terminated; get a lower scholastic grade than you earned or even receive an undeserved failing grade; or get expelled from school.

Nikita Kruschev, former leader of the since renamed Soviet Union,  bragged, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within….”


So what is a “fellow traveler”? The political label identifies a person who sympathizes with the ideology of Communism and carries out its mission without being a formal, “card-carrying” member.


 Is Mark Milley one of those? Was he sent to be educated and pretend to be a patriot and a real soldier? Is he so stupid as to have swallowed the Communist propaganda and is naively participating in the destruction of America?

Or is it a third possibility?  Is he so corrupt and greedy for fame, power and the monetary and other blandishments handed out by Commie puppet masters to obedient little operatives?  Are material rewards the reason this gutless excuse for a human being is willing to sell his soul and participate in the destruction of our country?

It doesn’t matter.  Any way you cut it, he’s trash.


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