Trump vs. Crooked Cow 2.0

I love that Hillary Clinton won’t leave the Democrats alone. Just the idea that she is considering a run for president on their ticket tells you all you have to know about, well…Joe Biden.

When the walking dead of political candidates stumbles back into the political picture, you realize that Democrats are the party of brain-dead zombies. The only thing I’d like to see is Bernie Sanders throw his hat back in the ring only to become a three-time loser in the primary.

If I were Hillary Clinton, I’d be so embarrassed by my previous losses that I’d refuse to even star in a rumor about 2024. But we all know Hillary lives in fairytale land. With her “Prince Charming” aka the half-baked rapist.

Back to 2024.

A long term Clinton advisor now says 2024 is the perfect opportunity for Clinton to run.

Of course, this is a ploy Democrats are using to try and pique the interest of voters. They’ve been forced to face facts. No one wants Biden to return.

First of all, he polls lower than any first term president in polling history! That’s bad folks. In fact, that’s real bad. This man makes Jimmy Carter look like an Elon Musk level genius. Seriously.

Biden’s Blunders

If one were so inclined, any wanna be journalist could create an entire platform around Biden’s blunders. He stumbles over something every single day.

Here are a few examples:

Remember the time he was caught saying, “my butt’s wiped!”? That was pretty hilarious. When I wrote about that more than a year ago, I stumbled upon a few YouTube videos.

YouTube has a series of Biden’s Gaffes. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

In the comment section of these videos – Mike Sokolow writes: “Biden came for my guns, I gave him my toaster, he didn’t know the difference.” Tara Allen wrote: “I love how he always says ‘You know what I’m saying?’ No, Joe. Nobody knows what you’re saying.”

More laughing…I can’t help it. Especially considering the fact that there’s enough material out there now to make parts 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

By now we can add 9, 10, 11, and 12. Heck, we might be up to 20. Biden provides endless fodder for mass consumption. But I digress. This is about Hillary and Trump.

Could there really be a FINAL SHOWDOWN?

Hillary might be acting uninterested right now, but that’s because she KNOWS she cannot beat Trump in any fair election. No way, no how. No one even worries about that wannabe glass-ceiling-buster anymore. But Democrats are so desperate to replace Joe, and they’re too stupid to move forward with looking for a viable candidate.

Thus, they’re driving down Hillary Lane, hoping to pick up some inspiration. But the only way Hillary will play along is if they hatch a foolproof plan to steal another election.

With so many conservative eyes on them, it will be much harder to cheat. But it won’t be impossible. And that’s our biggest problem. Even in the year 2024, our elections are not secure.

As the New York Post put it, “We are officially in the horror movie where the monster never dies, the virus never ends and our next election sees Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.”

As my kids would say, “true that!”

NYP continues:

In the wake of her loss, Clinton asked us to feel sorry for her — rather than the other way around.

Here was a candidate handed the nomination by her party, which flushed out her most serious primary contender, Bernie Sanders, behind the scenes.

If she couldn’t beat a former reality star with that assist — plus the $150 million war chest, the backing of Beyoncé and Bruce and Oprah, the media industrial complex not just firmly behind her but rabidly anti-Trump — what makes anyone, anywhere, convinced she could pull it off in 2024? Trump’s run is a given. So is Hillary’s inevitable loss.

The good news? As we’re learning, even the most stubborn mutations weaken over time.




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