The Truth of Jan 6, Without the Leftist Looking Glass

The Jan. 6th insurrection is a ludicrous fantasy defying common sense. 

To even suggest that January 6th was an “Insurrection” is colossal stupidity, and a pathological absence of common sense. You don’t have to be an expert in military history, or a graduate of West Point, the Air Force Academy, or Annapolis to realize this.


Here are some of the most basic necessities of warfare, which I arrived at by pure common sense, and so can you. I have zero military training. The closest I ever got to the military is having been married to my late husband who was a carrier-based fighter pilot… BEFORE I married him. But I have a brain. And so do the majority of Americans.


(1) You have to know HOW MANY are in the enemy ranks.

(2) You have to know exactly WHERE the enemy are and WHEN they’re there.

(3) You have to know exactly WHO the enemy are.

(4) You have to know what their FIREPOWER is.

(5) You have to know HOW MANY soldiers you have.

(6) You have to ARM your soldiers well.

(7) You have to TRAIN your soldiers well. This can take years.

(8) PRACTICE: Your troops need a lot of it, for a long time, both classroom and field training by experts, and with many simulations.

(9) ORGANIZATION and COORDINATION are paramount.  You must have a command post with well thought-out strategies and orders. Soldiers can’t just act unpredictably, as individuals, and as the mood strikes them.

(10) TRANSPORTATION COORDINATION is essential both to and from the battle site.

(11) MANAGEMENT and COMMUNICATION:  it is imperative to know where your troops are at all times and what they are doing.

(12) CARE: You need to feed your soldiers and provide them with fluid sustenance. There must be medical treatment and evacuation in place.

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Absolutely none of the above indispensabilities were present among the people at the Capitol rally. Many of them are now political prisoners: incarcerated and denied legal representation, family visits, medical care. And some of them are even being tortured.

These political prisoners have lost their jobs and because they have no means of income, they have also lost their rented residences, mortgaged homes, the contents of their homes, their automobiles, their children’s tuition, their insurance – some even their marriages. Everything.

No one knew how many people would show up at the Capitol. No one was armed. Many of the people were children, old ladies, elderly gentlemen, people in wheelchairs, and a few babies. It’s absurd to consider such innocents to be battle-ready or a threat of any kind.


Believe me, if they had been insurrectionists, the entire Capitol would have been burned down and the entire United States Congress either executed or taken prisoner, setting free only intelligent patriots such as Senator John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana who have the interests of “We, the people” at heart.


To even suggest that someone as patriotic, brilliant, law-abiding, and internationally successful as President Trump would even consider perpetrating such folly and unavoidable failure proves that evil, morally diseased minds cooked up the “insurrection” label. And it is inferior minds who believe it.                                                     


Share this with anyone among your family and circle of acquaintances who have been conned into believing there ever was an “insurrection”.

Editor’s Note: Along with sharing this article, take a minute to send it to your Senators and Congressmen and let them know just how many of us see the fraud being perpetrated right before our eyes. Whether they sit on the left or the right, they need to know where we really stand. 

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