Biden’s Embarrassing ‘Rally’ Turnout

The media wants you to believe that Biden is holding rallies. But as Bill Clinton taught us, that depends on the definition of “is”.

Democrats now orchestrate rallies for Joe Biden in hopes of convincing Americans that the old clown is relevant. Thus, they have begun the “No Malarkey” tour, redux.

In the spirit of Leftism, the Biden White House involved a bit of Hollyweird set-building as they staged–and I do mean staged–these events.

A few days ago, Biden held a rally in the solidly blue DC suburb of Rockville, Maryland. He chose a high school for his rally point.

High-schoolers can’t vote, so why choose that location?

Simple. High-schoolers have no choice but to listen to Biden’s drivel. I’d be willing to bet that the school gave extra credit for the students for participating in the White House charade. Truth be told by the Biden team (I know, right!), they couldn’t hold the rally at a college, which would be the typical backdrop for such Leftist theatrics. Because in college, the students are free to leave or not show up at all.

On thing is certain, and that is the Biden team knew the calculus, which reflects in polls showing that 94 percent of the under-30 crowd would not vote for Biden in 2024.

Biden decimated his party.

The only special-interest groups who still supports Biden are “college-educated” women. And that just proves the state of academia. Because if “college-educated” women actually received educations, they too would abandon Biden.

Regardless, what we know with certainty are too two things: Biden wasn’t popular in 2020 when he was cheated into office, nor is he popular now.

Check out the staging needed to make Biden appear relevant.

Do you believe the Trump White House needed to stage such events? Do you think that post-coup Trump needs to stage events?

Keep in mind that this event was held in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where apparently Team Demented couldn’t find a willing high school.

I don’t have to tell you how many people show up at a Trump rally. However, the most popular “president” ever can’t get an audience large enough to support an Off-Off-Broadway play.



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