Do You Know Who the Bad Guys Really Are?

The world is always looking for a scapegoat, i.e., the bad guy. Someone to point a bony finger of accusation at and say, “he’s the reason why things are the way they are”, or “It’s their fault.”

You see it played out in films like “Schindler’s List.” Once Hitler had convinced the populace that Jews were the dredges of humanity and responsible for all of Germany’s ills, much of that society followed suit, because after all, the Jews were, “the bad guys.”

On November 8th, 2016, more than six years ago, Businessman Donald J. Trump was named the 45th President of the United States. Nearly overnight, thanks to CNN, Mainstream Media, an overwhelming amount of Hollywood and musical icons, and very prominent Democrats, he went from an iconic, celebrated household name to a name synonymous with Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

Why you may ask?

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but at its core, suffice it to say he was the new, “bad guy.” That is, until of course they found another bad guy. As I have stated before, people need one of two things at any given time, a hero, and a bad guy; someone to celebrate, and someone to blame.

Consider this scenario:

Enter Brett M. Kavanaugh, a 52-year-old, 12-year U.S. Circuit Court Judge and Trump’s pick for Associate Supreme Court Justice, replacing the outgoing Judge Kennedy. Had Trump not selected Kavanaugh, most Americans would have never heard of him; you could not have picked him out of a crowd. A distinguished Yale
graduate, he was a husband and father who spent most of his life in public service.

In addition, he was notably recognized as hiring more female law clerks as a circuit court Judge than any other, having been raised by an attorney mother who personally understood the difficulties, biases, and prejudices that women often face practicing law in America. By all accounts, Kavanaugh had large bi-partisan support with unimpeachable moral character. Then Trump selected him. Thus, a new bad guy emerged.

Kavanaugh, if selected for the Supreme Court, represented the one swing vote as the 9th Justice in a group of 8. As a Pro-life supporter, this meant the infamous Roe v Wade ruling was possibly in jeopardy. The Democrats knew it, and so did their constituents. As such, they needed something to derail his confirmation.

Out of the virtual blue (to make a long and painful story shorter) came Christine Blasey Ford, a psychologist who claimed that while he attended Georgetown Preparatory School in Maryland, Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her more than thirty years ago. Now, while sexual allegations against very public people is not new, this was unique.

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Brett had been a circuit court judge (a very public position) for twelve years.

Surely, enough time had lapsed (and certainly public enough) for any accusations of any misdeeds to come forward, right? Yes…and no.

He was not selected by Trump …then. He also was not in line for the crucial ‘Roe v Wade’ swing vote… then.

In Ford’s accusation, much of the crucial aspects in most cases of sexual assault were missing:

• She could not remember where
• Could not remember time, day, or date
• Had no corroborating proof or evidence
• Had no corroborating witnesses
• Witnesses that she herself cited could not support her story.

Despite all that silly stuff like, proof and, oh yes, witnesses, the Liberal Left and their Democratic counterparts considered him guilty… and many of the Hollywood and political elites along with them. News and entertainment orifices spewed out “women must be believed” rhetoric daily.

Women’s rights group marched, chanting, “We believe survivors.” Why? Because she said so. And after all, women (according to Democrats and the Left) must be believed.

Why is this Important today?

While the Coronavirus threat will eventually become a bad memory, and life will go back to “normal,”
people will remain, at their core, who they truly are. We must keep in mind that Brett Kavanaugh could have been Lawrence Johnson, (or insert name here). Gone are the days of, “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight for your right to say it.”

Simply for standing by what you profess, you are potentially a target. This by no means says to be afraid, but it does warn you be aware. While it takes no courage at all to be a Leftist liberal, it takes a unique individual to openly be a conservative in America, regardless of race, and an openly supporter of Trump makes you a target.

Although many of you know this story, I reiterated the details to clarify a point: with no proof, evidence or witnesses, a man’s life, career, and reputation was left virtually in tatters; simply because she said so. After what had to have been no less than hell for him, his wife and family, he was eventually, confirmed to the Supreme Court, but at what cost?

Life? Career? Reputation? Family?

What of the Americans among you? Those of us that stood by accusing Kavanaugh with no proof? What will you say when your son or daughter dares to speak their mind, or stand in support of someone or something unpopular?

Will your position change?

Kavanaugh dared to make such a stand. He knew that judges like Amy Coney Barrett were waiting in the wings, counting on him to pave the way. If the complacency that many Americans had with condemning another American with no proof was not disconcerting to you, it should have been. And while much of America has moved on to something else, all of us should keep in mind to talk to the conservatives in your life.

Continue to remind them to be aware of the stand that they make. That being said, you must also remind them that “A stand is not a stand without opposition.” A life lived without liberty is no life at all. Being an American means you have earned the right to speak.

Being an American means you have earned the right to be heard. Freedom of speech is not a pass someone gives you; it is an inalienable right under the Declaration of Independence.

Think your thoughts. Live your life. Live out loud. Taking a stand comes with a risk. Taking a stand comes with a pricetag. Never forget, freedom always has a cost.

Trump, Kevin Jackson

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