Special Deliveries Continue to Infuriate Democrats

When Governor Abbott started bussing illegal immigrants from Texas to New York, I knew he was on to something HUGE! How many times have we suggested leftists live by their own policies? And how many times have they said “no way, Jose!”?

Finally, we have solid proof that leftists write policies they themselves would absolutely never abide by. And the border crisis is the perfect platform to highlight the leftist hypocrisy.

Recently, leftists didn’t just imply the border is secure. They actually said anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot. I think that’s what they call ‘famous last words of a fool’. In fact, here is the exact wording from NYC Mayor Adams.

“We’re not going to be like those municipalities and states where we fly people to Martha’s Vineyard…”

 “And anyone who states that this administration does not have a handle on this crisis, they must have been sleeping under a rock.”

Ouch. The ignorance these leftists cling to is actually painful to watch. No wonder Abbott has taken to sending these immigrants all over the country– to force people to crawl out from under their rocks and see the real state of affairs in regards to illegal immigration.

A few days ago, immigrants landed outside Kamala Harris’ house. The roughly 100 migrants report that the border is actually open. In fact, according to those bussed to the Naval Observatory, Harris personally “invited” them to come on in, illegally!

The odd thing is that according to Kamala, the border is closed?! Harris’ response was laughable. She called the bussing “irresponsible” and a “dereliction of duty”. Honestly, when I heard her say “dereliction”, I nearly spit out my drink and fell out of my chair!

First off, I had no idea Harris could use a word as big as dereliction. Second, she commits that crime on a daily basis. But here we go again- Leftist Hypocrisy 101. The worst part is that Biden tapped Harris to handle the border crisis shortly after his election. And I would wager to say she hasn’t accomplished jack sh*t thus far. Yet, she stands around as if she’s the sole protector of these poor endangered migrants.

Forget the legal way!

If you watched the video above, you hear the migrant say repeatedly that he knew he was coming across illegally. He said “legal” wasn’t a concern, because the gates were open. There might as well been a sign that says, “Come on in and put your feet up while we prepare your food stamps and free housing!”

But again, leftists don’t want this in their own communities. Which is way Abbott’s plan is plan is pure genius. We can listen to leftist ideas all day long, but when you force their hand, it all falls apart.

That’s exactly what just happened with Gavin Newsom. The California “leader” tried to raise a little cane, accusing Republicans (especially Governor Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis) of kidnapping. He also said transporting  illegal immigrants is “morally reprehensible”. With that statement, Newsom delivered another heaping helping of “leftist hypocrisy”. “How?” you might ask. Newsom launched a program as San Francisco mayor that bussed thousands of homeless people out of San Francisco and the state.

Personally, I consider Newsom’s move far worse, as he disregards a very special segment of our population. According to statistics, at least 20% of the male homeless population is made up of veterans!

There is no excuse for our country to allow any veteran to be homeless. These men and women offered up their lives for the sake of this country. They didn’t sneak in illegally. They didn’t willingly break the law. Yet, Newsom dropped them like a bad habit, and now pretends he is too classy to pull such a stunt.

Well Mr. Newsom, with all do respect, history has a way of defining a man. And I don’t think you’d want anyone to stumble across your definition. Especially considering “hypocrite” is one of your many undesirable synonyms.



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