Gender Confusion: Dems Can’t Define “Woman”

Apparently, wokeism is so rampant among the left, simply defining “woman” has become a huge challenge.

I’m not even sure how to empathize with these Democrats who don’t know what a woman is. Clearly, I was assigned “female” at birth. I grew up as a daughter and a sister. There was never any question about which body parts I was programmed to possess.

I went through the awkwardness of puberty. More than once, I had to use the tampon machine at school. As did many of my female friends. We all developed boobs at the same time and graduated from training bras to push-ups all together. Never did I witness a guy in lace undies buying tampons in the locker room. I don’t even understand the urge for a man to pretend he needs a tampon. Too bad I’m not some hocus pocus magician, because if I was, I’d curse these posers with the worst killer cramps any real woman has endured.

But, in the famed words of Bob Dylan, “times, they are a-changin”!

Just think of the transformations we’ve witnessed in this lifetime. I started hearing “LGB” when I was in high school. Few people admitted to being part of the that community. However, over the next few years, the acronym grew from LGBT, to LGBTQ, to the latest LGTBQIA2S+. It’s hard to even remember what this acronym now includes. For the record, it means “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Two-Spirit.” I don’t even know what ‘two-spirit’ is supposed to mean. That’s enough to make any head spin. But all of that just rolls off Democrat tongues. Meanwhile, they can’t define woman? Talk about an oxymoron.

In fact, one Dem in particular is struggling with womanhood.

Fox News explains:

Liz Mathis, a Democrat who is seeking to represent the Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, said this week that defining a woman is a “tough question” and suggested that the only way to change controversial policies in a particular school district in the state is to vote for different board members.

The remarks from Mathis came Monday during a meet and greet at the Waterloo, Iowa, Rotary Club, where she took questions from those in attendance on a number of subjects, including gender and education.

Asked about the instance when then Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to define a woman and could not because she is “not a biologist,” Mathis said: “The Supreme Court confirmation process is very thorough, so they had to ask questions like that to a Supreme Court justice.”

“I’m glad that she answered that question,” she added. “That’s a tough question.”

Tough question? Are we serious folks?

Last I checked, being a woman required one thing. A vagina. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but if you weren’t born with one, you’re not a woman. How is this concept so confusing?

Mathis also provided her thoughts on the current education system in America and insisted that policies at the Linn-Mar Community School District in Iowa — which allow the school to assist students as young as seventh grade with a “gender support plan” and aid with the student’s gender transition — can only be changed by electing new board members to represent parental voices in the district.

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Let me break this down for you.

These schools aim to help CHILDREN transition BEHIND their parents’ backs. It’s absolutely horrific to imagine a school possessing that kind of power over a child. The school is there to educate our children- reading, writing, arithmetic. Schools aren’t in charge of our children’s medical needs, values, or genetic sex assignments.

“Parents can always go to teachers and ask questions. They can always go to the principal and the superintendent of schools to ask questions,” Mathis claimed, proceeding to defend the current policies in the district. “We know the policy of Linn-Mar schools… that the school board passed is aligned with the code in Iowa law. It’s about reducing discrimination, or eliminating discrimination and harassment for children.”

Refusing to denounce the school district’s policies, Mathis, who currently serves as a state senator in Iowa, told the crowd, “You have an opportunity in all of your schools to vote for a school board member and that’s what we should be concentrating on… voting the people in that you feel will do the best for our children.”

“We’ve lost sight of children being at the center of all of this,” she added. “They need to be learning.”

Learning what? How to rewire their bodies? How to lie to their parents?

There’s no way on God’s green earth I’d allow a district with such policies to educate my children. I don’t want my kids getting their tonsils out without my consent. Much less their genitalia rerouted.

The article continues:

The Linn-Mar Community School District’s policy related to gender has drawn scrutiny from several parents whose children attend school in the area.

As previously reported, parents in the Linn-Mar Community School District do not have to be informed of the existence of the “gender support plan,” and in some cases, it may be hidden from them. Through the plan, the school can direct all staff and students to address the student by a new name and pronoun and allow the student to participate in physical education classes, sports and other activities that correspond with the student’s preferred gender.

The school district, which includes a northern portion of Marion, Iowa, an area in Cedar Rapids, was faced with a lawsuit from the parents’ rights organization Parents Defending Education in August.

The policy also states that “The district shall not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status to others including but not limited to other students, parents, and school staff,” and directs school staff to check with students about which pronoun the staff should use when communicating with a student’s parents.

In addition, the policy notes that written records pertaining to a student’s gender identity or gender transition will be kept in a “temporary file,” accessible only to those given access by the student. Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents are entitled to receive their children’s permanent files.

Conservatives have one option!

The real power in this nation belongs to the voters.

Mathis will face off in the state’s Nov. 8 election against incumbent GOP Rep. Ashley Hinson.

We can’t let someone like Mathis be part of the governing body. No matter how small a role she wants to play- she is a danger to society. And the only way to keep us safe is to get out there, vote, and keep your eyes open. If you see something fishy, say something immediately. We must block any efforts to duplicate the big cheat so that our red tsunami can hit Washington DC where it hurts. If you’re like me, you’re counting down the days…


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