AOC Tried to Go Up Against Elon Musk

Guess what happened?

Democrats are really cracking me up today. First, Hillary Clinton accused Republicans of planning to steal the 2024 election. Now, I learn AOC thought she could go up against Elon Musk, and not look stupid.

Talk about some much-needed comic relief. I’m sure you get it, as living under the Biden Administration is nothing short of living in hell. Between the Bidenflation and the global humiliation, it’s hard to be an American right now.

On the bright side, we will soon see the changing of the tide. Until then, we can entertain ourselves with exchanges like this.

Fox News reports:

In a Twitter spat with the company’s new owner, Elon Musk, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., claimed that proceeds from her campaign merchandise go to charity groups.

Ocasio-Cortez had slammed Musk’s new plan for Twitter users to pay $8 a month for verification. In response, he drew attention to a sweatshirt from her campaign merchandise store, costing nearly $60.

She said the items are made in the USA and “all proceeds go to community organizing like our Homework Helpers program which gives private tutoring to kids who’ve needed learning support since COVID.”

The claim appears to be at odds with her own online merchandise store which explicitly states that “purchases are campaign contributions.”

Campaign finance data since July likewise make no mention of donations to charity organizations.

FOX Business has reached out to Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign office for comment.

The feud between Musk and Ocasio-Cortez continued Wednesday evening before the lawmaker claimed her account “conveniently” stopped working.

“Also my Twitter mentions/notifications conveniently aren’t working tonight, so I was informed via text that I seem to have gotten under a certain billionaire’s skin,” she wrote.

Isn’t that just like a Democrat– to claim her Twitter “conveniently stopped working”?! For years now, Big Tech has been censoring conservatives. But that’s the epitome of leftist hypocrisy, to accuse Republicans of doing exactly what they do.

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A Brand New Bird

While people may doubt Musk’s altruistic motivation for buying Twitter, he made a vow to return free speech to the platform. We’ve already seen the entire executive team fired, along with a panel of data engineers, so it seems Musk will keep his word. Honestly, Musk isn’t even a traditional Republican. In fact, he’s voted Democrat many times. The antics of leftists drove him to the right. And now, he works to level the playing field by removing the algorithms, moderators, and fake accounts aimed at silencing conservatives and keeping the facts hidden.

The truth is, debate has the power to create higher-level thinking when people from opposing points of view get together and challenge one another. But it takes a certain level of respect that is non-existent in today’s political climate. You can’t debate a Democrat these days because they’re too busy cheating, stealing, and telling lies. Sort of like the one where a former bartender pretended that she’s giving her dollars to charity when the only person she’s helping is her own leftist ass.





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