MOBILE Abortions: Evil on Wheels

The invention of the recreational vehicle, or RV, has always been considered one of the genius creations in history.

Although they were inspired by nomadic Roma Caravans of the 1800’s, the Touring Landau by Pierce Arrow made its debut in 1910 at Madison Square Garden. Complete with its own toilet and even a telephone, the Touring Landau reflected concepts of luxury and comfort and was a true novelty of the time.

However, it would be another five years before visionary and unheralded entrepreneur Roland R. Conklin would make headlines by taking his custom-built Gypsy Van, created by his Gas-Electric Motor Bus Company on a cross-country trip to San Francisco on August 21st, 1915. With accommodations for 17 people, a shower bath with folding lavatory, Conklin’s Gypsy Van was nearly 30 feet long and weighed almost 8 tons. Its interior even included a full kitchen, Pullman-style sleeping berths, a phonograph, and a hidden bookcase. That year, the New York Times reported that the “Commander of the Faithful” ordered the “Jinns… to produce out of thin air… a vehicle which should have the power of motion and yet be a dwelling place fit for a Caliph, the result would have fallen far short of the actual house upon wheels which [just] left New York.”

Despite all those luxurious amenities, his initial desire was simple: a home on wheels.

Newton’s Third Law of Action and Reaction precipitates that for every action(force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, it only makes sense, that with the launch of pro-life pregnancy-care mobile clinic RV’s, we knew it was only a matter of time that there would be those that seek an opportunity to turn a good into an evil.

Within the next few months, Planned Parenthood will be opening its very first mobile abortion clinic. According to the recent article, “Planned Parenthood mobile clinic will take abortion to red-state borders,” by NPR’s Sarah McCammon. “The mobile clinic will begin offering consultations and dispensing abortion pills later this year. It will operate within Illinois, where abortion remains legal, but will be able to travel closer to neighboring states’ borders, reducing the distance many patients travel for the procedure.” America’s Democrats are no doubt embracing this state-of-the-art slaughterhouse RV on wheels, complete with a small team of three to five, a waiting room, lab space and two exam rooms.

McCammon’s report continues: “The mobile clinic is part of a larger effort by a Planned Parenthood chapter operating in both Illinois where abortion is legal, and Missouri where abortion has been banned, to cut travel times and costs for patients seeking abortion care.

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The mobile clinic is expected to be in full operation before the end of the year, according to Dr. Colleen McNicholas, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.” Yamelsie Rodriguez, President of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri states that, “Our goal is to reduce the hundreds of miles that people are having to travel now in order to access care… and meet them where they are. It gives us a lot of flexibility about where to be.” Due to the overturning of Roe V Wade earlier this year, Illinois is considered a hub for southern and midwestern women unable to get abortions in their home states. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling revoking the federal “right to abortion”, the Fairview Heights abortion clinic has been flooded with a 370% increase in patients from June through October.

The Fairview Heights clinic projects to receive at least 14,000 patients traveling from across the region each year, an increase that “is materializing much, much faster than we anticipated,” Rodriguez said. “We just need more access points.” While its initial runs will only provide abortion “medication” up to 11 weeks gestation, eventually the clinic plans to provide surgical abortions as well. There is little doubt that this innovation was the furthest thing from Roland R. Conklin’s mind. For those of us that believe in the sanctity of life, this may not be a surprise, but certainly a sobering reminder that the level of our resolve must match the depths that those supporting the pro-death agenda are willing to sink. The real fight for the right-to-life did not end when Roe ended- its only just begun.

That is the situation; what is the solution?

At, we believe that all lives are sacred- not just those that can protect themselves. With this in mind, we teach practical ideas and solutions that allow our students to not only consider their actions, but the repercussions as well. We teach them how to operate in the present, in preparation for the future. Seeking Educational Excellence. Inspiration- not indoctrination.

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