Will Midterms Wake Another Sleeping Giant?

America has always had its challenges.

From past to present, this country has battled, wars, rumors of wars and times of unrest; finding moments of peace, but never peacetime. Through it all, we remained civil; we remained American.
In our strongest moments, fighting for accountability was our resolve. In our weakest moments, we were resilient in righting our greatest wrongs. We  recognized our shortfalls. However, nearly six years ago, on November 8th, 2016, a sleeping giant awoke; its name was Dissension.
As it tossed and turned during it’s slumber, it made its presence known. As it growled under it’s breath through our family and friends, we did our best to ignore it. We pretended that our differences made no difference. Through rose-colored glasses, we simply saw the world as we wanted to see it.
Through it all, we foolishly hoped that we would be allowed to have unpopular beliefs and that we would be allowed to “agree to disagree.”
While it stretched its legs and kicked in it’s sleep through political and civic upheavals in our nation’s citizenry, we pretended we didn’t notice. However, on that November day, it left little doubt; Dissension was awake.

From the War Between the States, to the Watts riots; from the Rodney King furor to the George Floyd Insurrection, its temper-tantrum spiraled out of control, fueled by its inability to satisfy its delusions of grandeur.

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We must no longer fool ourselves.

This level of hatred, vitriol and animosity does not grow on it’s own; it is pampered, cultivated and nurtured. It is pacified when it cries, rocked when annoyed, and its diapers are changed when it makes a mess. Truth be told, we have all played a part. By daring to think for ourselves, we annoyed it. By thinking out loud we have tested dissension’s patience.

Yet, we must ask ourselves, how much did we ignore? How often did we look the other way? How much of a part did we play in its maturity? Did we allow too much, or perhaps too little? Only you can answer.

Make no mistake, it took a village to raise this child. When America’s tale is finally told, and its story written- what lesson will you have learned? What role will you ultimately have played? What side of history will you be on?
In the profound last line from the film, “The Day The Earth Stood Still:”

“The decision rests with you.”


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