The Lie of Trump’s Dinner with a White Nationalist

Trump has a dinner and it’s worldwide news. The media narrative claims that Trump dined with a “white nationalist”. And as with all things involving the media and Trump, one must find the obvious lie of the media.

I’m struggling with this “white nationalist” Trump dinner for a couple of reasons.

First, this “white nationalist” was a friend of Ye, aka Kanye West. Excuse me for using common sense in asking the question, “How is a white nationalist hanging out with a black guy?”

I don’t know any white nationalists, but I’m willing to bet that hanging out with black people is not part of the charter.

Second, this particular white nationalist’s sir name is Fuentes.

Holy Mother of Pancho Villa, but Fuentes is not a “white” name. That’s right, Fuentes; not something of German origin like Mueller.

Fuentes is an Hispanic name. So how is an Hispanic a “white nationalist”?

I recall how the media coined the phrase “white Hispanic” after realizing that Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman wasn’t an old Jewish man but instead a very Hispanic-looking guy. So I know how Leftists will try to set the narrative.

Unions, Kevin Jackson

But I go back to my first point: dinner with Kanye.

Here’s the story from The Daily Caller:

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editorial board lashed out at former President Donald Trump for having “bad judgment” after white nationalist Nick Fuentes showed up to Mar-a-Lago for dinner.

Rapper Kanye West, known formally as Ye, allegedly unknowingly brought white supremacist Nick Fuentes to a dinner at Mar-a-Lago Tuesday with Trump. Trump claims he didn’t know who Fuentes was and alleged Ye brought him without warning.

“Trump’s presidential campaign is barely two weeks old, and already it has his trademarks of bad company and bad judgment,” the WSJ editorial board wrote. “The former President says he didn’t know who Mr. Fuentes is, but both Mr. West and Mr. Fuentes have said since the meeting that Mr. Trump was impressed with Mr. Fuentes’s political insight. That may be because sources on hand for the dinner have leaked to reporters that Mr. Fuentes flattered Mr. Trump.”

So let’s be clear about Trump and the white nationalist.

He invites a black man to dinner. That black man brings a supposed white nationalist. Is anybody seeing the insanity of this story?

Why are we allowing the Left to portray Trump as a racist in this ridiculous scenario? Further, while admittedly I know nothing about Nick Fuentes, I do question the media narrative about him. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know many white nationalists who befriend black people.

The hit job on Trump never ends. But at some point reasonable people must recognize the nonsense. And more importantly understand why these ridiculous stories persist.

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