Why is J6 Committee Protecting this Man?

Democrats pretend they want to get to the bottom of the insurrection. Yet, they are doing a lot of lying and covering up.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article about an intel analyst who tried to sound the alarms before January 6th rolled around. He made repeated attempts to intervene before the day unfolded. Yet, he was ignored by all the higher ups that should’ve been listening.

As Yahoo! reported:

The domestic terrorism analyst with the Department of Homeland Security saw a link to a website where people “actively at that moment were discussing the commission of acts of terroristic violence and the violent overthrow of the government of the United States,” according to the analyst’s written account later provided to investigators.

There the analyst “witnessed upwards of 500 pages worth of potential threats to national security,” including people urging others — and discussing how — to smuggle illegal weapons into the nation’s capital and avoid detection by law enforcement. The DHS intelligence analyst also saw “discussion references of overthrowing the US Government by force/sparking a second civil war, and veiled credible threats of violence toward other US persons who were perceived enemies, specifically Members of Congress and other federal employees.”9

“Like so many Americans l watched the events of January 6th, 2021 transpire — shocked, scared, and horrified; but for me there was a deeper connection to the event, I was one of the DHS intelligence officials charged with trying to prevent that day’s violence,” the intelligence analyst wrote in a four-page letter provided to inspector general investigators. Yahoo News obtained a copy of this letter and the unredacted version of the final inspector general investigative report documenting this analyst’s efforts and dozens of credible threats that DHS saw, but did not act on, at the time.

What started as a literal fishing expedition turned into a failed 16-day effort to sound the alarm and push the various parts of the DHS intelligence apparatus into action. The office created in the wake of 9/11 to share intelligence more broadly and prevent another catastrophic attack failed to share its intelligence ahead of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot.

If Democrats are so concerned about J6, why did they let it happen?

We have all this intelligence, and all these resources, yet Trump’s request for the National Guard was denied? And why are we two years down the road, still searching for some kind of magic answers?  Do we really want answers, or is this committee just another face for the witch hunt that has plagued President Trump since 2016?

I think we all know what those answers are. January 6th wasn’t the work of conservatives dedicated to election integrity. This so-called insurrection was the work of leftists determined to destroy the biggest enemy of their corruption: Donald J. Trump.

Of course, the “fact-checker” adamantly deny that Trump wanted 10,000 troops in DC for the 6th. To be fair, I wasn’t in the Oval Office when the request was made, so I can’t swear on my life it happened. But what I can say with complete certainty is that much of what leftists label “far right conspiracy theory” eventually is proven to be fact, not fiction. For example, just a few months ago the existence of the Hunter Biden laptop was still highly contested. We now know how that really went down.

Thus, I am willing to take Trump at his word- and I personally believe the President did suggest we beef up security. And yes, Trump did want a protest. As he should, when we can’t trust our own elections. But at no point did Trump say “storm the capitol, threaten politicians, destroy property.” Those actions sound a lot more like a BLM riot if you ask me.

Was Pelosi part of the plot?

The latest reports certainly suggest so.

According to the New York Post:

House Republicans issued a scathing report Wednesday exposing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s key role in the catastrophic security and intelligence failures that left the US Capitol vulnerable to a violent attack on January 6, 2021.

Days after Pelosi’s Jan. 6 select committee recommended insurrection charges against former president Donald Trump over the Capitol riot, Republicans have hit back with a counter-investigation apportioning blame for the internal security breakdown on Jan. 6 to Pelosi and a dysfunctional Capitol Police intelligence division.

“Leadership and law enforcement failures within the U.S. Capitol left the complex vulnerable on January 6, 2021,” says the report, which is based on a trove of texts and email messages, and testimony from Capitol Police leaders and rank-and-file officers.

House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, who answered to Pelosi as one of three voting members of the Capitol Police Board, “succumbed to political pressures from the Office of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership,” was “compromised by politics and did not adequately prepare for violence at the Capitol.”

Pelosi and her staff “coordinated closely” with Irving on security plans for the Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6, but Republicans were deliberately left out of “important discussions related to security.”

And, in an apparent attempt to hide from Republicans the fact that they were being excluded from discussions, Irving asked a senior Democratic staffer to “act surprised” when he sent “key information about plans for the Joint Session on Jan. 6, 2021, to him and his Republican counterpart.”

The staffer replied sardonically: “I’m startled!”

Why not come clean?

Democrats claim they want complete transparency. They pretend they seek the truth. But if that were the case, Pelosi would defend the decisions SHE made that fateful day.

NY Post continues:

Given Pelosi’s assiduous grooming of Cheney, no doubt it suited both their interests to focus the final Jan.6 committee report on Trump — and not on Pelosi’s culpability.

But now the Republicans Pelosi rejected have skewered her in their rival report, dredging up some of what she tried to hide, despite complaining of obstruction from the personnel she controls.

The report insinuates that the Speaker left the Capitol Police without backup on Jan. 6 because “widespread concern from Democratic leadership over ‘optics’ in the aftermath of the Summer 2020 ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests prevented early deployment of the National Guard.”

Chief Sund begged repeatedly for troops but has testified that Irving rebuffed him over concern about “optics.” During the violence on Jan. 6, Sund repeated his request, but help was delayed until after the riot ended, because Irving needed to run it up the chain of command, a.k.a. Pelosi.

“The Speaker’s office was heavily involved in planning and decision-making before and during the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and micromanaged the Sergeant at Arms.”

In other words, Pelosi had the power to shut it down, but that didn’t benefit her as much as blaming conservatives would. It’s all about the quid pro quo.

Enter Ray Epps

In the latest news, we learn that Congress is covering for at least one man who was heavily involved in the insurrection.

Trending Politics explains:

In a newly released text message from the January 6th findings, suspected FBI informant Ray Epps was revealed to have texted his nephew saying he “orchestrated” the January 6th riot on the Capitol.

“I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it,” Epps said to his nephew.

In case you don’t remember, Epps is the man who is suspiciously being protected by the January 6th committee even though he can be seen on camera encouraging people to storm the capitol. Keep in mind, other people were arrested for far less than this.

Now ask yourself, why are they covering for Epps? What else are we going to find out? If I was a gambler, I’d be willing to bet that come 2024, proof of the Big Cheat will be undeniable. But leftists will still be denying it.






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