Fetterman Has Many Reasons to be Depressed

Proving that you can’t make Democrats happy, newly minted Senator Fetterman checked himself into the hospital for depression.

And despite winning the biggest election of his lifetime, that Big Brother of Sling Blade has every reason to be depressed. Because now he has to actually work. But unlike his time ruining Braddock, PA as its mayor, Fetterman is now owned by the Democratic Party.

No more obscurity for the 6 foot 8 inch bald head, goatee-wearing feckless mayor. A mayor who destroyed his city.

The New York Post profiled Braddock, PA.

Below is an excerpt from their article:

Dressed in work clothes from the plant he works at nine miles down the river in Pittsburgh, the 61-year-old has called Braddock home for most of his life. Lundy fondly recalls growing up as one of 13 children surrounded by this once-vibrant community.

“The town was the place to be,” Lundy said. “Braddock Avenue had four or five businesses on every block on both sides of the street, every kind of business you could think of — shoe stores, dress shops, men’s stores, restaurants, beauty shops, barber shops, a grocery store. Now look at it, there is nothing.”

He points down the desolate street, devoid of the crowds that he says once walked shoulder to shoulder to get from one place to the other.


Formerly a bustling borough of 20,000 people — where a resident never had to leave the city limits to eat or be entertained or go to church or school — Braddock today is home to fewer than 1,700. Most of the businesses, houses of worship and educational institutions are gone. Even the heart of the community, the beloved Braddock Hospital, has been leveled to the ground.

Leave it Democrats to glamourize squalor in Braddock.

Then, Fetterman parlayed failure into a promotion to Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Sadly for Pennsylvania, Democrats love their freak shows.

As Heavy.com showcases, Fetterman stood out and in many ways.

Fetterman has made headlines for his unconventional appearance. The New York Times has described him as “hard to miss, at 6-foot-8 and 325 pounds, with a shaved head and goatee.” The 2009 article goes on to explain what his tattoos represent: “The mayor wears his commitment to Braddock not on his sleeve but under it: On his right arm are tattooed five dates memorializing killings in Braddock during his time in office. The victims included a man delivering a pizza and a 2-year-old girl who was assaulted and then dropped into a snow-covered playground. She froze to death while trying to walk home.” It goes on to explain that on his other arm are the numbers 15104, Braddock’s ZIP code.

In a November 2015 article, shortly after the announcement of his first Senate run, CNN wrote, “Fetterman doesn’t wear long-sleeve shirts. In fact, it’s hard to find a photo of him wearing anything other than a black, short-sleeve, button-up shirt and cargo shorts.” Fetterman himself has stated, “I do not look like a typical politician. Ha, I don’t even look like a typical person.”

In 2021, Politico described him as “one of the most photographed rising stars in the Democratic Party. As gargantuan as Lurch Addams, with a bald head, goatee and closet full of Dickies shirts—and tattoos running down his arm marking every date a life was taken while he was mayor of his hard-knock steel town—Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor is a cartoon image of a working guy from the Rust Belt.”

Oh Fetterman is a cartoon for sure; but perhaps the butt of a joke describes him and his supporters better.

The article continues,

It is not only his appearance which has caught the eye of many Americans; his progressive policies have also reached headlines. In 2016, In These Times called Fetterman the “Coolest Populist in America,” with Slate calling him “A Member of Bernie’s Army.” In an article for his current Senate run, Politico described his ideology as “blue-collar progressivism,” and that he’s “running as a progressive and supports raising the minimum wage, Medicare for All, criminal justice reform and marijuana legalization. But he’s more middle-of-the-road on items like fracking and the Green New Deal.”

His website describes him as “A different kind of Democrat,” and explains how “John doesn’t look like a typical politician, and more importantly, he doesn’t act like one. He supported legalizing marijuana before it was popular, officiated a same-sex marriage before it was legal, and pushed for single payer healthcare long before it was mainstream.” He also prides himself on his progressive consistency, stating “You’ll always know exactly where I stand. I haven’t had to ‘evolve’ on the issues, because I’ve always said what I believe is true and I’ve been championing the same core principles for the last 20 years.”

Back to Depression

Check out this convoluted answer about releasing his medical records.

As it turns out, the question was legitimate. Because we know that Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed hospital on Wednesday night to be treated for clinical depression, his office said on Thursday.

You know a Leftist is depressed when he checks himself in!

Recall that about a month into his job, the most critical period for freshman senators to adjust to life on Capitol Hill, Fetterman was hospitalized after “feeling lightheaded”. This occurred during a Senate Democratic retreat on February 8. I repeat, during a retreat! A time for relaxation and fellowship.

The hospital released him two days later. I’m sure on the advice of “experts”. Then Fetterman appeared at Biden’s State of the Union where he looked like the least likely person to ever serve as a senator.

Now we find him back in the hospital. This time for depression.

Depression is common in stroke survivors, and it can be dangerous

Post-stroke depression (PSD) is common, with studies estimating it affects about one in every three people in the year after their stroke. In other words: they knew this was coming.

So not only did Democrats know that Fetterman was incapacitated, they knew that he would likely have a stroke. And here’s a relevant statistic: the rate of depression after a stroke is at least three times higher than the rate of depression in the general population.

Dr. Bruce Ovbiagele, a professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco, told Insider that it’s “highly likely” Fetterman’s depression diagnosis is “related to the stroke.”

Worse news is that other complications will likely occur now that Fetterman has admitted to being depressed.

But it’s not all bad, right? After all, Democrats won that Senate seat, and that’s what matters. To hell with the people of Pennsylvania and the United States. If America can deal with a demented president, how will one Senator matter in the grand scheme of things?


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