Democrats Will Guarantee Trump’s 2nd Term

Unbelievable gift to Trump

It’s important that Americans understand the business of news.

Media outlets act as distributors for the manufacturing company known as Leftism. Leftism creates the product–fake news–and media stock the shelves of the grocery stores with it.

Leftists and other Democrats literally create fake news narratives. The narratives are so far removed from the truth, the stories can be truly laughable. For example, Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Recall that Democrats proposed that the laptop was “Russian misinformation”.

They stocked the shelves at eye-level with this lie. They post this lie at the kiosks and in periodicals at the register to reinforce the lie.

Democrats heavily invested in the Hunter Biden lie, giving the consumers coupon and rebates. Their strategy was to prevent the consumer from looking up or down for other potential products. The people providing the coupons are the usual suspects, e.g. George Soros, Leftist special interest groups, and so on.

We all know when Democrats set a narrative; when they attempt to fool us. They’ve tried this far too often, so now we spot their tricks easily.

Take the destruction of Al Franken.

Democrats destroyed Al Franken over a picture of him pretending to cup a fellow comedian’s breast while she slept.

Franken lost his job as a Senator over this picture taken in 2006.

Franken was targeted. A casualty of the #MeToo movement. But the real truth is Franken likely pissed off some high-level Leftists who targeted him for destruction.

Democrats break the rules to support their ideology. Then selectively apply the rules to punish their adversaries and offer up a few sacrificial lambs. But one thing is certain about Democrats: they never apply a rule of law equally or equitably.

For over 6 years Democrats have painted Trump as a criminal. The billionaire who coined “The Art of the Deal”, had two successful TV shows, and was invited to all big Leftist events. Now they hunt him and us.

I dare you to revisit the things for which conservatives were kicked off social media. We now know these represent DEFINITIVE TRUTHS

And even in revealing the lies of the Left, we find ourselves still under attack. We still fight to avoid shadow-banning, and so on.

If you want a fun thought exercise, apply the lies Leftists told about Trump to what Democrats actually did in China, Ukraine, and Russia. And that’s just for starters.

With this possible indictment, Democrats seem determined to hand Trump his rightful second term. Do they really believe people will accept an indictment?

 On the international front, Putin has been declared persona non grata.

I’m convinced that there are worse people in the world than Putin. He is a world leader who can and does look out for the best interest of his country.

Putin asked the United Nations to intervene in Ukraine when Russians living in Donetsk begged to repatriate to Russia. Nobody virtue-signaling support for Ukraine is discussing the war against this region of the country, now going into its ninth year.

Frankly, I don’t trust our government to give us legit information. And I’m not the only one. Below are the results of an informal poll I took on Twitter:

The poll ended up at 94 percent who trust Putin more than Biden. And I agree.

Look at all the Biden-era government agencies who blatantly lied to the American public.

The CDC lied shamelessly. And some of its guidance was provided by the FDA. Finally, the NIH was complicit in killing Americans with Wuflu and vaccines.

As for the DOJ, I trust the FBI about as much as I trust truck stop sushi.

We have a government gone rogue. And in its latest attempt to spread fake news, the Leftists are making the biggest political mistake in years by attacking Trump.





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