Hunter Biden Leveraged Family for Sexual Perversion

Hunter Biden craved more than money. He craved sex. And nothing has changed.

So when the Big Guy got the VP slot, Hunter learned that he could feed both obsessions mightily.

Any inquisitive person would ask if Hunter Biden might have had sex with his own family members. After all, the Big Guy showered with Hunter’s younger half-sister, his daughter Ashley. Sadly, Ashley wrote in her own book that she intentionally took showers late to avoid having to shower with her father.

Thus, why wouldn’t an under-supervised crackhead like Hunter consider Ashley fair game?

For those who question my query or say things like, “You don’t know if that happened!”; true! But I do know that Hunter Biden married his dead brother’s wife. And we can all agree that such a union violates more than the “Bro Code”.

In this latest saga regarding Hunter Biden’s sexual proclivities, we learn through his own text messages with his cousin Caroline that he begged her to set him up with actress Nicola Peltz. Hunter said that he needed to hook up with Ms. Peltz in order to get over his brother’s widow and one-time lover, the aforementioned Hallie Biden.

According to the texts, rehab at the Newburyport, Massachusetts center in January 2019 interfered with Hunter’s ability to score some “snatch”.

Hunter claimed in his messages that his psychiatrist had suggested he date Peltz, who was 24 years old at the time. He said that he needed Peltz to “break free” from Hallie.

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But Hunter didn’t leave things to chance.

The cousins also discussed model Bella Hadid, 26, actress Bella Thorne, 25, and English model Yasmina Jones, 31 as possible paramours to Hunter. Two of these women were half his age. But if we’ve learned nothing from Leftists who were friends with Jeffrey Epstein, age is only a number.

But Hunter is no ageist, He also discussed wooing famed children’s author Roald Dahl’s daughter Lucy Dahl, 57, in his discussion with his cousin.

As far as I’m concerned, all these women dodged a bullet. Because a relationship with Hunter never ends up good.

Regardless, let’s look at the big picture.

What else will we learn of Hunter Biden and the favors he asked others on a variety of things? After all, he is a Biden. We know that Hunter asked Caroline for sexual hookups. We also know that Hunter leveraged his father for monetary hookups. For Hunter, no relationship was too sacrosanct for him not to leverage.

As for these women, thankfully they are safe. The Democratic Party and other Biden family supporters won’t be so lucky. The story of Hunter will steadily gain more traction. And despite all efforts of the Democrats, their media and social media minions, this Biden will go down in flames.


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