The Ultimate 2024 Showdown: DeSantis vs Newsom

While neither party is ready or willing to declare their final candidate this early in the game, we know one thing for certain. 2024 will be the ultimate showdown of left vs. right.

Who better to duke out party differences than the iconic governors Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis? It’s the Golden State vs. the Sunshine State; the woke vs. the sane; the mainstream media vs. the truth. As such, it promises to be Pay-per-view worthy.

Californians have been fleeing the state in alarming numbers for quite some time now- many of them landing in conservative hot beds like Texas and Florida. While leftists try to save face with claims that these moves are intentionally done to spread the leftism, DeSantis is among those who know exactly why– it’s the liberal policies Newsom pushes that are destroying his state faster than a crackhead rots his teeth.

DeSantis addressed California’s hemorrhaging population.

‘I know you’ve got a lot of problems out here, but your governor is very concerned about what we are doing in Florida so I figured I had to come by,’ DeSantis joked at the top of his remarks at the Ronald Reagan Library to a crowd of more than 1,300.

Newsom has specifically taken aim at Florida in recent years with the rise of DeSantis in the national limelight.

The Dem governor came under fire this week for leaving California for ‘personal travel’ on Friday – two days after declaring a state of emergency in the wake of a huge snowstorm which dumped 17 feet of snow. His press office did not disclose where exactly he had traveled to and he was expected to return to California on Sunday.

DeSantis’ tour around the country promoting his new book, including the stop in California, is only fueling speculation that he is moving closer toward announcing a candidacy for president. The Florida governor is making a trip to the first-in-the-nation primary contest state of Iowa on Friday.

A big focus of the tour is DeSantis getting the chance to lay out his ‘blueprint for America’ – a perfect tee-up for a presidential run announcement.

‘When I tell you I’m going to do something, I do it,’ DeSantis insisted to a sold-out crowd. ‘I don’t waffle.’

In sports, they always say t there is a “home court advantage”, well, when it comes to DeSantis vs Newsom, I think the opposite it true. Clearly, the failure of woke policies resonates deeper in a place like California, where the fruits of Newsom’s labor are rotten to the core.

According to the Daily Mail:

DeSantis spent his speech on issues that are likely to be the cornerstone of a presidential platform – education and parental rights, not bowing to ‘woke’ institutions and taking on spiking crime.

‘I’m going on offense on all of these issues,’ DeSantis said, claiming that when he first became governor in 2018 he made a pledge to ‘not leave any meat on that bone.’

He specifically called out policies in California several times, even mentioning his war with Disney and mentioning how the Golden State handled the ‘woke’ corporation differently than he did in Florida.

‘I’m looking at them through the lens of not just a governor – but I’m looking at them through the lens of a dad and I believe parents in the state of Florida should be able to send their kids to elementary school without having an agenda jammed down their throats,’ he said, referencing his Parental Rights in Education law, which he signed last year.

‘They should not be teaching a second grader that they can choose their gender that is wrong. And that is not going to happen in the state of Florida,’ he said to loud cheers.

‘And I know you have a company down the road in Burbank that had different ideas about that,’ he said, referencing the Disney offices in southern California. ‘But I can tell you this – they may have gotten everything they want in Florida for the last 60 years, but there’s a new sheriff in town now, and we are not backing down to that.’

Money Talks, And you-know-what Walks

The biggest problem with leftists is that they don’t know how to balance the expenditures with the payouts. They’re either writing checks they know they can’t cash, or skimming off the top. Either way, they’ve yet to master the art of putting your money where your mouth is.

Now, to tell you the truth, I’m not 100% convinced that DeSantis is the guy who can do that, but judging by his stand against Disney, I’m inclined to believe he’s a serious contender for the nomination.

The governor signed a law last week stripping the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which is the area encompassing Walt Disney World near Orlando, of its tax-exempt, self-governing status.

He lauded this as a major win in the ‘war against woke’ after Disney’s CEO at the time came out against his bill last year.

DeSantis also attributed much of his success to his team, claiming that he ran a tight ship that avoided leaks and didn’t focus too much on reacting to polling.

I couldn’t agree more. How many polls have we seen fall apart in the past five years?

Clearly, pollsters promote their own agendas more often than not.

The DM continues:

‘I never looked at a single poll my entire time as governor. A leader is not captive to polls. A leader will help shape and lead the public’s opinion,’ DeSantis said.

‘Don’t worry about the polls, don’t worry about the daily news cycle,’ he added.

DeSantis said this mentality is what led him to go from winning by only 32,000 votes – or .4 percent – in 2018 to winning by a whopping 1.5 million votes in 2022 to Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist.

‘My view was that, I may have earned 50 percent of the vote, but I earned 100 percent of the executive powers,’ he said.

In terms of his team – DeSantis said he make sure he was surrounding by people that supported his vision.

‘We understood that we had to have good personnel working in the administration. I laid down the law clearly – If you have any other agenda but the best interest of the people of Florida and supporting what we were elected to do, pack your bags and leave because we’re not going to tolerate that.’

‘And for four years, you didn’t see our administration leaking like a sieve,’ he said. ‘You didn’t see a lot of drama or palace entry.’

‘What you saw was surgical precision execution day after day after day and because we did that- we beat the left day after day after day.’


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