Will Elon Musk Challenge China’s Communist Party?

If we were to rewind to this day last year, I don’t think anyone was expecting Elon Musk to take on the establishment, the mainstream media, and basically the world, but he’s done exactly that.

Ever notice that highly successful people always have their irons in many fires. They diversify their efforts, and work around the clock. Elon Musk is exactly that kind of mover and shaker.

I first learned the name “Elon Musk” when he joined forces with a former classmate of mine and created PayPal. They revolutionized shopping online. Since then, Musk has made substantial contributions to society. In 2002, he founded SpaceX. And of course he is probably best known for Tesla, the electric car company of which he presides over.

Musk inspires people from all generations because of his ability to remain optimistic, hopeful, and to think outside the box. Even when he faces failure, Musk keeps plugging along. Just look at how he was able to change car batteries. Musk has the power to not only identify the problem, but to solve it- even if that means creating new technology. Excitedly, Musk tackles one innovation after another. So, when he decided to buy Twitter in order to restore our rights of free speech, I knew things were looking up.

Enter the Twitter Files

Musk took over at Twitter in October, 2022. From there on, he fired many upper level management employees and released a surge of internal documents that prove Twitter shadow-banned and censored content from conservative-leaning sources.

Further, Twitter conspired with the intelligence community to shape the public narrative surrounding the 2016 election, the pandemic (or as we like to dub it- the scamdemic), the 2020 election, the Hunter Biden laptop story, and other points of contention which deeply divide the left from the right.

In fact, according to an article on Stopping Socialism, “Initially, Twitter was resistant to the FBI’s probes and requests for information. However, over time, the FBI became deeply embedded within Twitter in terms of a revolving door of personnel, the granting of top-secret security clearances to Twitter executives, and the opening of myriad direct communication lines in which the FBI and other intelligence agencies could directly influence Twitter’s censorship activities. Central to this effort was former FBI general counsel James Baker—a well-connected and powerful member of the intelligence community—who until very recently was deputy counsel for Twitter.”

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Had Musk not taken over Twitter, it might be branded a branch of the FBI by now.

Of course, the CIA and the DOJ were also deeply intertwined with the little blue bird.

The article adds:

“…Twitter has been heavily supporting the U.S. military’s covert operations overseas, creating AI generated deep fakes, developing false propaganda against foreign regimes, and whitelisting fake accounts operated by the intelligence community to spread disinformation and promote psychological influence operations, all in order to artificially instill popular support for foreign policy decisions—whether they be interventionist or oriented around retrenchment.”

If Twitter can influence society overseas on such a deep level, imagine what they are actually capable of right here in America, where the government posed no threat to their covert operations.

Speaking of Government threats, it now appears as though Elon Musk has angered the Chinese communist party.

Cease and Desist

After publicly agreeing that Covid originated at the Wuhan lab, Musk was sent a message.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The Chinese Communist Party issued a warning to Elon Musk through its state-run media.

The CCP warned Musk he could be “breaking the pot of China” after he shared a report asserting Covid originated in the Wuhan lab.

Musk’s strong stance against China begs the question- is Musk ready to go to war with China? Obviously, it could have a profound effect on Tesla. Recently, I learned “a recall incident [revealed] a huge part of Tesla’s business is handled by China. From the core three-electric system to the body sheet metal, to the charging gun, and even some hardware of the automatic driving system, all of them are contracted by Chinese suppliers. It appears that Tesla will soon achieve a complete “localization” of its vehicle.”

I’m willing to bet the Chinese government would have no reservations about seeking revenge against Musk. One might conclude that they would be willing to go as far as to sabotage Tesla’s in order to send a message to their CEO.

However, there is a flip side to that. Elon Musk could start selling off anything he has that is remotely related to China. And he could move his business elsewhere. So before the Chinese ask themselves if they are ready to take on Musk, they may want to ask themselves if Musk is preparing to take on China, specifically the CCP.

Means to an End

There are a few old sayings that assert “war is necessary for humanity to progress”.

The Chinese General Sun Tzu advised “In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace”; Aristotle noted that “We make war that we may live in peace”; while the Roman General Vegetius remarked “If you want peace, prepare for war”.

All of this makes me think, perhaps Musk will have to lead the war against China. It might be the only way to win our country back. Obviously, it’s hard to maintain control after your President was sold by his crackhead son to the highest bidder.

China might believe they’re pulling the strings now, but soon they’ll sink like the Titanic. Or maybe I should say they’re going down like a 2022 Twitter exec.



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