Dems FAIL to Break John Durham

Last month, John Durham’s report was finally released with more than 300  pages of carefully documented corruption. Since it’s release, Democrats have been scrambling to discredit the facts.

Unfortunately, as Durham points out, not every unethical transgression is a prosecutable criminal offense. However, when you stack the many backhanded moves on top of each other, you are left with apalling criminal intentions, at the very least.

Durham’s report did prove, without a shadow of doubt, that the FBI lacked any concrete evidence when they cooked up the Russian collusion investigation. Instead, the FBI relied on “raw, unanalyzed and uncorroborated intelligence” and did so quite hastily.

Now, Durham is testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee regarding the details of his report, and Democrats are desperate to discredit Durham’s work. However, Durham isn’t too worried about what Democrats think, a fact he made quite clear today.

Congressman Steve Cohen, tried to bully Durham at one point, but Durham wasn’t fazed. In this clip, Durham stands up for his reputation despite Cohen’s assertions that Durham “got nothing”.


COHEN: “You have a good reputation. You had a good reputation, that’s why the two Democrats supported you. But the longer you hold on to Mr. Barr, and this report that Mr. Barr gave you as special counsel, your reputation will be damaged. As everybody’s reputation who gets involved with Donald Trump is damaged, he’s damaged goods, there’s no good dealing with him because you will end up on the bottom of a pyre. I yield back the balance of my time.”
JORDAN: “Sure.”
DURHAM: “My –”
JORDAN: “Can we presume the gentleman is undecided on — on how he feels about the former president? Gentlemen, witness can respond.”
DURHAM: “Yeah. My concern about my reputation is with the — the people who I respect and my family and my Lord. And I’m perfectly comfortable with my reputation with them, sir.”

Adam Schiff did his best to get Durham’s goat, but he fell flat on his face, just as Cohen did. Schiff acted as though it was some crazy conspiracy that the Trump campaign was offered dirt on Hillary Clinton.


DURHAM: “Sir, people get phone calls all the time from individuals who claim to have information like that.”
SCHIFF: “Really? The son of a presidential candidate gets calls all the time from a foreign government offering dirt on their opponent? Is that what you’re saying?”
DURHAM: “I don’t think this is unique in your experience.”

Nice try Shifty, but the fake surprised expression didn’t fool anyone.

As Durham put it, his findings were “sobering”. And the only way we can truly move forward is to install accountability in our intelligence community.

‘Anybody who actually reads the report … would find that the problems identified in the report are not susceptible to overnight fixes… As we said in the report, they cannot be addressed solely by enhancing training or additional policy requirements, rather, what is required is accountability, both in terms of the standards through which our law enforcement personnel hold themselves and in the consequences they face for violation of laws and policies of relevance.”

In other words, nothing will change until we are willing and ready to break out the handcuffs.



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