DeSantis and Newsom as Political Partners

Most Americans now see the one political party system that exists in America. The Uni-Party. And they openly, yet cleverly display their craft in the upcoming election.

Before I get to their latest strategy, understand how powerful the Uni-Party has become. It openly targeted a sitting president in a coup. A successful coup.

The Uni-Party conspired against Trump in the most blatant of ways. First, the China Virus.

How brazen to publicly partner with America’s number one enemy, the Chinese. Who could imagine that a group would criticize the POTUS for standing up for America against a deadly virus? But that’s what the Uni-Party did, actually accusing the POTUS of being xenophobic against Chinese. Both mainstream and social media played their parts in banning any talk against inarguably America’s biggest enemy.

We later learned that no only did we know the origins of Wuflu, but the government partnered with the Chinese to create it.

Wuflu cratered the economy. And the Uni-Party hoped the economy would remain that way, except Trump rebuilt it.

The coup continued with the DOJ protecting Joe Biden and his crooked family enterprise.

The Biden family is on the take. That’s as clear as the nose on one’s face. The Biden family is so bad at covering up their dirt, the chief operative left his laptop computer at a repair shop; data intact.

Even with irrefutable evidence on the laptop, the Uni-Party provided cover. 51 former intel officials vouched for the Russian interference nonsense. The complicit media again dressed in full theater garb and put on its act.

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The intended blatant election theft.

With “COVID” in hand, the Uni-Party implemented The Big Cheat. Stuffing the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes, all to pass the next blatant lie: Biden got 81 million votes.

A statistical impossibility by any standard. As a percentage of “voter eligible population” (VEP) voter turnout rarely crests 60 percent. In 2016, 59.2 percent of the population turned out. Compare the enthusiasm over Obama to that of Joe Biden, and ask yourself how the 2020 election got 67.8 percent of the VEP to turn out. If there were any hoopla over a candidate, it would have been over Trump. After all, he had presided over the most successful first-term presidency in modern history. Further, let’s not forget that Trump received 74 million votes: more than any first-term president in history.

Nevertheless, the Uni-Party claimed that nobody liked Trump. They fabricated the lie of “we’re all going to die” from COVID, attempted to kill the economy, and then tormented Trump for four years in their seek-and-destroy mission.

Democrats stole the election. Then dared Americans to prove it.

Understand, the humiliation of open theft of the election was planned. Because the Uni-Party knew that the outrage would cause the MAGA crowd to want justice.

The Leftist Planned “Insurrection”

In what has been described as the “new Civil War” and the “attack on Pearl Harbor”, unarmed patriots marched on DC for answers. The electorate knew who won the election, and it wasn’t Biden.

Americans did what Americans do. They protested against the obvious coup. Their suspicions were backed by data analysis of the finest mathematical minds. And if that weren’t enough, 2000 Mules showed documented proof of election cheating.

Ironically, the more proof that was given, the more the Democrats denied the facts. Dissenting voices were shut down in media and social media. The tag of “election denier” was given to those who debated the narrative, though the Democrats had denied the results of the 2016 election.

Embroil Trump in controversy.

Democrats selected their henchmen to target Trump. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg wages a frivolous suit against Trump. No self-respecting attorney would stoop to the depths of Bragg. But Bragg knows that he’s protected. No disbarment awaits him. Instead, only accolades.

NY AG Letitia James filed an equally frivolous suit against Trump.

Each passing day offers promises of more trumped up charges against the best president in modern history.

Full Circle: Act like nobody likes Trump

The Uni-Party consists of elite Republicans and Democrats who could not care less about the American public.

FL Governor Ron DeSantis made his most shrewd move yet. He sidestepped President Trump.

At a press conference after signing a bill into lawDeSantis took on Newsom directly and brutally. He began by detailing the plight of the Tarnished Golden State. He pointed out that Newsom has “huge problems in his state. I mean, like, huge problems in his state. We all know that. I mean, you see it in San Francisco, you see it in L.A. You see it in the people fleeing.”

DeSantis went on to remind his audience that California’s slow bleed-out hasn’t always been the case.

“California, from its inception, gained population every single year until [Newsom] became governor,” he said. “California was probably the height of opportunity for middle-class Americans for many, many decades. In this country… people were drawn to there, and yet he’s the first governor that’s overseen a massive exodus out of California.”

The governor also specifically pointed out that many of those Californians are coming to Florida, saying, “And you know, you can kind of understand if somebody comes from Minnesota and moves to Naples — better winters, all this stuff, but if you’re leaving Southern California to move to Jacksonville, which is a great place, you’re not doing it because of the weather because they’ve got probably the best weather in the country. You’re doing it because the place is so mismanaged, and they’ll govern that you just can’t take it anymore.”

DeSantis decided to turn armchair psychiatrist and diagnose Newsom’s obsession with the Sunshine State.

“And yet with all those problems, he has a real serious fixation on the state of Florida,” he continued. “I mean, I think it’s just bizarre that he does that.”

Then, DeSantis challenged Newsom to put his money where his mouth is — no, not on more hair products. He threw down the gauntlet for Bizarro [Newsom] to jump into the 2024 election fray.

“But what I would tell him is, ‘You know what, stop pussyfooting around. Are you going to throw your hat in the ring and challenge Joe? Are you going to get in and do it or are you just going to sit on the sidelines and chirp? So why don’t you throw your hat in the ring? And then we’ll go ahead and talk about what’s happening.’”

DeSantis doesn’t really give two cents about California or its problems. Newsom is simply a means to an end, and the uni-party doesn’t even care which one of them ends up with the victory, as long as it’s not Trump.

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