Musk Punches Zuckerberg Hard in latest Social Media Fight

You know what they say– “immitation is the highest form of flattery”. But apparently, Musk isn’t feeling too flattered after Mark Zuckerberg’s latest move.

In his flailing efforts to be the king of the world, well, the social media world at least, Zuckerberg launched a new app called “Threads.”

Zuckerberg billed it as an effort to “create an open and friendly public space for conversation” for billions of people. Instead, he should’ve called it Generic Twitter. Like most generic products, it has the look at feel of the intended product. Only, Threads is riddled with more issues than a fourteen-year-old dented can of knock-off SpaghettiOs. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Within hours, Musk demanded Meta “cease & desist” after accusing Zuckerberg of hiring dozens of disgruntled former Twitter employees, all of whom hold their former employers trade secrets and shamelessly used them to try and recreate the tweeting platform.

Zuck is a cuck.

Those are the four words Musk used to weigh in on Meta’s new product. And he had an interesting proposal for Zuck.

Keep in mind, Threads isn’t Zuckerberg’s first stolen platform, as he wasn’t really the sole founding creator of Facebook. And as the Bidens prove on a daily basis, a Tiger never really changes its stripes. Zuck isn’t just a cuck, he’s a crook.

I venture to say this isn’t Zuck’s last assault on America; it is merely his latest. But I have a feeling that Musk is capable of shutting the devil down, should he decide squashing Zuckerberg is a worthy endeavor. Especially considering Zuck showed Musk his hand long before realizing the Twitter CEO actually values both free speech and privacy. Musk’s Twitter take-over was far more than a power play. It was an effort to restore values to mainstream America.


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