Dump Joe: Democrats Finally Saying It

The most open secret in DC is out. Democrats don’t want Biden.

And it makes sense. Because the man is a train wreck personally and professionally. Biden is damaged goods. He was when the powers that be put him in charge. I still chuckle at the idea that Biden represented the best and brightest of the Democrat field in 2020. Talk about the shallow end of the shallow gene pool.

Still the The Daily Mail reports that it’s not Biden with problems, but Trump.

A certain conventional wisdom about the 2024 presidential race has dominated political discourse for much of this year: Donald Trump is unstoppable when it comes to winning the Republican nomination but cannot hope to retake the White House come the general election.

What endears him to his party’s base repels the independent and moderate voters he needs to win the presidency. So, Joe Biden is clear favorite to be elected for a second term.

That conventional wisdom is now smashed to smithereens – and not in a good way, for those who don’t want to see Trump back in the Oval Office.

Indeed, he is more than ever a shoo-in to win the Republican nomination: Four indictments and 91 criminal charges have only served to rally his party’s base tighter around him, leaving rival candidates in the dust as also-rans.

If things are so bad for Trump, how does he dominate all other Republican nominees?

Nobody doubts the Republican polls. Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump. But if we believe the press, then who do the Independents and Democrats love? Biden? The Democratic Party who obviously targeted Trump, practically canonizing him?

Not that long ago, Trump had lost much of his luster.

During his heyday, Trump performed in Arizona to a standing room only crowd. They lined up for miles to see the man. Post-coup, Trump held a rally in Arizona that paled woefully in comparison. The event was attended by about 3,000 people; a fraction of Trump’s usual crowd.

I know for certain that even Republicans softened on Trump. Then the Democrats overplayed their hand. Their incessant frivolous lawsuits elevated Trump to circa 2016 status. Now who’s in trouble?

You guessed it. Biden. And even The Daily Mail recognizes it. The article continues,

No, suddenly it’s Biden who’s perceived to be the loser with an increasing number of Democrats now fearing that if he runs again the likely outcome is the unthinkable – a Trump victory.

For the moment very few have the gumption to go public with such fears. But it is being whispered whenever top Dems gather behind closed doors. Take my word for it: a nascent ‘Dump Joe’ movement is in the making and it will be a serious political force before the year is out.

What pushed Leftists and other Democrats over the edge? Laughably, what they have known for some time. Biden is old, senile, and worthless.

It is being propelled by two interlinked factors: Biden’s age (he will be 82 next year) and his dire poll ratings, which have sapped Democratic confidence that his re-election up against Trump would be just a formality.

But The Daily Mail admitted that America’s overwhelmingly pro-Democratic mainstream media has done its best to look the other way at Biden’s senility. However, his condition requires his media cheerleaders to recognize and worse, acknowledge it.

At a recent ceremony to honor a military veteran, Biden simply wandered off the stage without a word.  The cameraman missed the memo and zoomed in to capture the bewildered face of the war hero. The camera captured the heart-wrenching moment Biden ignored him.

In another incident, Biden tried twice to pronounce the name of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He stumbled: ‘Mohammed Bin Solemn… excuse me, Mohammed bin Salam.’ Everyone at the G20 summit in India witnessed the guffaw.

And the Biden hits just kept on coming in Vietnam, and about anywhere Biden appears. Biden practically writes the Republicans commercials for 2024.

I’ve said many times that Biden will not be the Democrats’ nominee.

I like the Republicans’ strategy of dragging things out. Milk Biden for all he’s worth, as this delays the Democrats’ ability to insert Newsom. The party will be in complete disarray.

If Republicans are smart (questionable), they will prepare for an election cycle without Biden. Don’t target the man, target the party. The party of chaos: high crime, high taxes, high inflation, and high people. The party of lockdowns, forced vaccinations, border invasions, and war.

Democrats will find it difficult to cheat, given their record. And maybe the United States can return to normal when Trump gets his rightful second term.

You haven’t heard the last of “Dump Joe”.

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