Ray Epps’ Charges Reveal Republican Shortcoming

The fact that Democrats continue to push the narrative of an insurrection on January 6 proves Republicans don’t quite have the cojones we claim to possess.

If we did, this ridiculousness would’ve been shut down long ago. Instead, we’re walking around scared, waiting for the other shoe to drop while Democrats literally get away with murder.

How many farces will we continue to allow? Apparently, we’re cool with the “facts” being Biden got 81 million votes, the border is secure, unemployment is down, the economy is thriving, and the climate will soon destroy the earth. The same earth that has existed for billions and billions of years.

If you want to break down the J6 nonsense, think about it logically for a moment. The atrocity of patriots going to DC to protest the coup that toppled America’s rightful president, then being sent to prison is preposterous. Like Kevin Jackson recently said, “the only thing I’ve seen more insane are the 91 indictments against Trump.”

While innocent Americans languish in jail for what would be “disturbing the peace” at best, Ray Epps and his “legal woes” are back on the radar.

Signed by United States Attorney Matthew Graves, the charging document is brief in its explanation:

On or about January 6, 2021, within the District of Columbia, JAMES RAY EPPS, SR. did knowingly, and with intent to impede and disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business and official functions, engage in disorderly and disruptive conduct in and within such proximity to, a restricted building and grounds—that is, any posted, cordoned-off, and otherwise restricted area within the United States Capitol and its grounds, where the Vice President was and would be temporarily visiting—when and so that such conduct did in fact impede and disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business and official functions, and attempted and conspired to do so.

As NBC News noted, Epps previously testified to the now-defunct January 6 Committee that he’d traveled to the nation’s capital as a Trump supporter in January 2021 and that “the conspiracy theories that followed had torn his life apart.”

“I never intended to break the law,” Epps said. “It’s not in my DNA. I’ve never — I’m sure you’ve looked up my record. I don’t break the law.”

However, Epps’ preferential treatment thus far points to a bigger story.

Tucker Carlson theorizes that Epps is an agent of the federal government. While Epps denies it vehemently, this sudden ‘on paper only’ charge and suspected plea deal certainly don’t dispute the idea. It’s just a slap on the wrist to appease Republicans.

Epps is charged with one misdemeanor count, disorderly or disruptive conduct on restricted grounds. He was charged by information, suggesting that he plans to enter a plea deal. Not long after he was charged, a virtual plea agreement hearing was set for Wednesday, Sept. 20 before Chief Judge James Boasberg.

Meanwhile, Dominic Pezzola, a member of the Proud Boys was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his actions on J6.

NBC previously reported:

Under questioning by his attorney Steven Metcalf on Wednesday, Pezzola said there was no plan to storm the Capitol ahead of Jan. 6, and he depicted himself as an average Joe who had just stumbled into situations and made some poor decisions.

“Our only plans were to maybe storm the liquor store. That was it,” he said.

Pezzola said he woke up on Jan. 6 with no clue what was going to happen and met up with the Proud Boys at the Washington Monument around 10 a.m., then joined them on their march to the Capitol. He said that he was frustrated that they were missing Trump’s speech and that he eventually headed back toward the White House before he followed a stream of protesters back to the Capitol and rejoined the Proud Boys.

Why the vast difference in charges? Pezzola, like Epps, is a Marine Corps veteran. Sadly, he felt as though he was “under sniper fire” the moment he stepped onto Capitol grounds for the inauguration. After seeing fellow protester Joshua Black shot in the cheek, Pezzola testified that “his military training took over during clashes with police and that he didn’t run away because that’s not what the military trains you to do. “I guess I’m just programmed to charge toward danger,” he said.

“My intent was never to rob or take or steal,” Pezzola said of the moment he grabbed a police shield. “My only intention was to protect myself from a similar fate of Joshua Black.””

Where’s the Truth?

Republicans must put a real stop to this madness. Either Epps is getting off easy, or Pezzola is serving an unfair, unjust sentence. Democrats can’t have it both ways, so which is it?

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