Ray Epps Now Suing Fox News

Leftists know no bounds. It’s quite amazing that the man who is on camera in multiple instances attempting to get people to storm the Capitol has yet to find himself in prison.

And as people who really seek the truth get closer, Democrats get more scared. When they are scared, they panic.

Ray Epps panicked. So in typical Leftist fashion, the inciter now claims victimhood.

Where have I seen this recently? Oh, I remember. Hunter Biden. Recently, he sued the owner of the computer repair shop. The shop with the clause that any property left after 90 days becomes property of the shop. Or was it the Russians?

How laughable is Hunter Biden in this video. After saying he wasn’t even sure if it was his laptop, Hunter now wants to sue the shop owner. Why? Because we know it’s his laptop.

Clearly the shop owner should be held accountable for Hunter Biden’s crackhead mistake, right? After all, isn’t he RUSSIAN?

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Apparently, Ray Epps attended, “Hunter Biden’s School for Crackheads”.

Epps’ lawyer sent a letter to Fox News demanding a retraction footage above. Amazingly, the footage actually proves everything that Carlson and Fox News allege of Epps.

After all, look at the people who got arrested for doing absolutely nothing. Then compare that to Epps. Even Congress wondered why the House Judiciary committee overlooked Epps.

I dare even the most braindead of Leftists–ok, Joe Biden–to defend Ray Epps. The man spit out the same talking points every time he attempted to incite violence.

The New York Times reports the letter sent by Michael Teter made demands of Tucker Carlson. They demand that Carlson publicly retract his “false and defamatory statements” that painted Epps as an undercover provocateur for the federal government. Carlson commented that Epps worked to agitate the crowd that sauntered into the Capitol building.

“The fanciful notions that Mr. Carlson advances on his show regarding Mr. Epps’s involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection are demonstrably (and already proven to be) false,” Teter wrote. “And yet Mr. Carlson persists with his assault on the truth.”

“Oddly, Mr. Carlson now also espouses the view that those rioters were akin to peaceful tourists,” Teter continued. “This leads to the obvious question: Is Mr. Carlson now accusing Mr. Epps of provoking peaceful protests?”

The video shows clearly that Epps did exactly what he claims he didn’t do. It matters not to Epps that people witnessed him, multiple times on video asking people to storm the Capitol.

Frankly, I can’t wait to see Fox News’ reaction to this. They seem to have rolled over on the Dominion lawsuit; but this one seems open and shut.






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