Biden Administration Readies for Another War

Democrats presented Trump as a warmonger. And we were told that Trump could not be trusted with the nuclear button. So, what does that make Biden?

This clown playing president and his minions have engaged America in multiple wars. And a new war now looms.

The United States entered no wars under Trump. But under Biden, the military industrial complex operates three shifts.

Biden got America into a proxy war with Russia, and funding the attack on Israel. I’m beginning to suspect that Democrats like war.

Kanekoa the Great posted this on X:

The Pentagon is deploying two carrier strike groups, eleven Burke-class destroyers, a number of Ticonderoga-class cruisers, amphibious assault ships, THAAD and Patriot missile defense systems, multiple squadrons of fighter jets, strategic bombers, and undisclosed assets to the Middle East.

The Pentagon expects Iranian proxies to continue to target U.S. troops in the region and has already stated that they will respond “decisively.”

What’s the probability that this escalates into a war between the United States and Iran?

Transcript from the Pentagon:

“Between October 17th and the 24th, U.S. and coalition forces have been attacked at least ten separate times in Iraq and three separate times in Syria via a mix of one-way attack drones and rockets.

Let’s put this in perspective. In a one-week period, the U.S. and coalition forces have been attacked at least 13 times. That’s almost twice a day. And Biden’s how did Biden respond? {crickets}

I read that during the Biden era we have been attacked over 80 times and responded less than 5 times. But things get worse. Because Biden funded the attackers.

The Pentagon spokesperson continued,

We know that the groups conducting these attacks are supported by the IRGC and the Iranian regime.

No surprise there. But it’s not over.

We are seeing the prospect for more significant escalation against U.S. forces and personnel across the region in the near term coming from Iranian proxy forces and, ultimately, from Iran.

So, by virtue of our announcement over the weekend, we are preparing for this escalation, both in terms of defending our forces and responding decisively.

It was bound to happen: Biden attacks

With poll numbers dipping, Joe Biden was forced to act. Look at the latest numbers.

The survey found that 75 percent of Democrat respondents approve of the job Biden is doing as president, down 11 points from last month’s poll.

In comparison, 35 percent of independent respondents said they approve of Biden’s performance, which dipped 4 points from September.

Republican respondents’ views of Biden remain unchanged; 5 percent said they approve of the job Biden is doing as president, according to the poll.

Biden also saw a drop in his overall approval rating to 37 percent; 59 percent of those surveyed think otherwise. The overall rating is a 4-point decrease from last month’s poll.

With numbers like this and the information coming on Biden’s corrupt family dealings, he escalated the war.

According to Time, Biden ordered airstrikes.

The targets were in eastern Syria but the intended recipient of the message he was sending was not. Both the weapons depot and the ammunition dump blown up by F-16 jets were linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, who defense officials say have employed proxy forces to execute a string of attacks against US bases in the region.

Biden is hoping to convince Tehran to end the conflict before things go too far. But escalating to stop things from further escalating requires a delicate touch, and some observers in the region fear Iran’s leaders have no interest in pulling back now.

The ironies are astounding.

Biden invited Russia to invade Ukraine, then sent billions to Ukraine. Next, he financed Hamas (by way of Iran) to attack Israel. Honestly, I’m afraid of what Biden will do next to “help” America or our partners.

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America, prepare for war.

Imagine if former President Trump enacted reckless policies that involved America into two new wars and the potential for another?

Add the other dimensions of having his family being accused of taking money from Ukrainians, Chinese, and Russians.

Finally, what would the media say if Trump then started dropping bombs as subterfuge; to keep people from concentrating on his crimes?

Now that we are in these wars and the world sits on the brink of nuclear war with Iran, how do you like America’s “leadership” for the next potential conflict? Leaders who has been more concerned with LGBTQ+ issues than actually building the top military in the world.

If the Biden “war machine” prepares itself like it prepared in the devastating terror attack by Hamas on Israel, then we’d all better prepare to convert to Islam.




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