Biden’s Embarrassing Interview on War in Israel

It hurts me to watch Biden interviews. It’s like watching Biden play the role of the egg in those old drug commercials.

Remember? Those commercials that depicted a fried egg as a person’s “brains on drugs”.

One can literally see how it strains Biden to speak.

Hey Joe, Israel isn’t part of America.

But look at how 60 Minutes covers for Biden. They pretend that the man who works about two hours a day has such a busy schedule. Amazingly, Biden managed to wedge his interview into the business day that included two meetings: one at 10am and another at 4:30pm.

Two meetings where Biden was briefed by others. All he needed to do was manage not to sleep during these 15 minute sessions.

Admittedly, the 10am meeting proved difficult, since that’s when Biden gets up. I’m betting he was a bit late to that one. And let’s not forget that the octogenarian must get tucked in by 5pm to get ready for the next day.

I know. Brutal schedule.

Biden gets softball interviews and he still manages to strike out. Check out this exchange when he was asked about Israeli occupation of Gaza.

What does Biden know about Gaza? Not enough to fill a thimble.

But he was all too ready to tell Israel what to do. After all, Joe Biden really cares about the 1300+ Israelis killed in that cowardly attack by Hamas.

Frankly, Israel should consider anything Biden says as a threat. Needless to say now, Biden funded the attack.

But what I like best about the Fried Egg is when he tries to play tough guy.

Pelley asks Biden about his message to “Hezbollah and its backer Iran.” Biden answered like a coward.

Sure. What will Biden do? He’s fighting a war in Ukraine to cover for his family’s crimes. And Iran has him by the short hairs, which is why they got $6 billion fresh greenbacks. Biden is compromised.

And that’s why he slams the Republicans. Anything to attempt subterfuge.

The uniter who brought decency to the White House slams what he claims is 30 percent of Republicans.

I assure Senor Fried Egg that MAGA is much larger than he thinks. Democrat will learn this less again in 2024.

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