Biden’s Intentional Intelligence Failure in Israel

The most sophisticated intelligence operation in the world missed the Hamas attack on Israel? I’m not buying it.

Then again, understand that Biden’s spy services, the CIA, NSA and others universally believe that climate change is the biggest existential threat to America. And the world.

Don’t believe me. This fact comes straight from Baby Black Jesus.

I keep looking for the headlines of Global Climate Change (GCC) attacking Israel by land, air, and sea. GCC flying in with AK-47s at the ready. Surely at least one video must exist of GCC wreaking havoc on Jews, the rain falling down on them like translucent .762 mm bullets?

What a wasted opportunity for GCC to join the jihad, particularly given the Lefts’ fear of it.

Next, I can hardly wait to see the hostage videos from GCC. I imagine a masked Mother Earth demanding Americans stop destroying her resources or else the hostage will die!

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But what of those other biggest existential threats?

You know, the MAGA supporters who target gay actors who work on the now cancelled Empire? Or the conservative terrorists who disrupted Congress on January 6 without a single weapon garnished or shot fired?

Worse. what of those conservative “helicopter parents” attending school board meetings? Those insane people who actually believe they should intervene in the lives of their children.

As I write of these threats, I answered my own question. I now understand how Biden’s CIA, NSA, and so on might miss one of the biggest terror attacks in modern history. They had lots on their plate.

Notwithstanding, I’m still perplexed as to how America’s clandestine agencies managed to miss the Hamas attack on Israel to such enormity it exposes their abject incompetence. Also, it exposed Biden’s Affirmative Action hiring policies.

Hard to believe the man who garnered 81 million votes doesn’t employs only the most competent of people? Like luggage their Sam Brinton?

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As I reflect on the Hamas terror attack on Israel, I can only think of one such attack that comes close to this level of incompetence: Benghazi on 9-11.

Remember when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared, “What difference does it make?!” in discussing the four people killed on her watch? In other words, “What’s the big deal?”

Warnings signs were practically being flashed in neon across Arab skies, and the Obama administration either missed them or ignored them.

No surprise there. But let’s ask Clinton’s question again today. What difference does a president make?

I know with certainty that if Trump served his rightful second term, over 1200 Israelis would be alive. And you can bet the American hostages being tortured and raped by Hamas animals wish Trump was president of the United States.

Americans will have a choice again in 2024. And despite the Uniparty’s want to prevent Trump his rightful second term, Trump is the man for the job. I predict that if (when) Trump gets reelected, the terrorist world will go back in their holes.



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