It’s Official: Gavin Newsom Running Against Biden

I predicted that Joe Biden would not be the Democrats’ nominee. And now we get official notification that I’m right.

While Democrats won’t admit the obvious, aka official notification, we all know what’s happening. Biden is officially out; kicked him to the curb. Although Biden plays the “I’m running” game publicly, he knows he’s been sentenced to political Siberia.

As Laura Loomer Xd, Newsom visited China.

I realize that politicians create excuses to spend taxpayer money on boondoggles. But Newson is filthy rich by way of his aunt Nancy Pelosi and his rich wife. He can pay for his trips.

Newsom can pretend that he’s interested in Chinese investments in California, and wanted to meet with Chairman Xi. But the fact is Newsom needed to be seen on the international stage.

Democrats sent Newsom overseas to set him up for the majors. No more AAA ball, as Newsom has been called up.

I spoke of the millionaire playboy who screwed his best friend’s wife. I’ve said for years that Newsom has always planned to run for president.

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Gavin Newsom seeks danger, the quintessential adrenalin junky.

The man could have screwed lots of women well outside of his orbit. But instead he screwed the wife of the man who helped him get elected. Newsom truly loved the power and the exhilaration of getting caught.

His “friend” represented nothing more than the help. A slave. And Newsom obliged himself of anything the man possessed, including the man’s wife. Although Newsom didn’t want to get caught, he was prepared to for the eventuality. Newsom could talk himself out of any bad situation or into any new situation.

I can only imagine how much Newsom will screw America, if he were to become president. So what he ruined San Francisco while playing mayor. And who’s concern that he ruined California while playing governor. Newsom deserves more power in his egomaniacal opinion.

Newsom makes Bill Clinton look like a choirboy. And although Newsom’s record showcases scorched-earth wherever he governs, Democrats refuse to care.

Out with the old, in with the new

The setup is clear. Democrats and other Leftists yell, “We can’t have a repeat of 2020″…with two old guys. This translates to: “We can’t possibly cheat Biden into office again!”

So they focus on age, and not aptitude or capabilities. Because Trump grows younger each year. By election time, Trump and Newsom will be the same biological age.

Thanks to Democrats and the coup, Biden has the world in a mess. And while Gavin Newsom has no idea how to clean up messes, he must make people believe that he’s up for the challenge; thus, the trip.

Newsom knows that it’s not the voters who matter. It’s the same power-brokers who dumped Trump in the coup whom he must impress.

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What’s in store for Biden?

Admittedly, I’m curious as to how Democrats whack (politically, NSA, CIA, etc.) the old fart? But it will happen. And in typical Mafioso style, as Biden won’t really see the political killer coming.

Perhaps a “leak” about a text message or phone call. Or maybe the Democrats will allow the Republicans to dig a bit deeper into Biden’s finances.

Regardless of what or how it happens, Biden will have no alternative but to declare that he’s tired. Time to move on, spend time with the, how many grandchildren?

Honestly, I’m anxious to see this political execution. Actually, it will probably be more of a political explosion. And the Shrapnel will do much more damage to the Democratic Party than they imagine.

Newsom will declare he’s running within weeks.



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