Leftist’s Curious Response to Biden’s Latest Polls

Biden has interesting polling trends. So much so that almost any fool can see the desperation of his party.

Over 10 points behind President Trump. Then, only a week earlier Biden was said to be in a statistical tie. Yet almost nothing had changed; at least publicly.

Privately, Republicans quietly advanced on the Biden family’s crooked business deals. But, no public declarations that would cause such a dramatic change except for the astute who connect the obvious dots.

In truth, Trump is easily double-digits ahead of Biden. Nothing in that regard has changed since the 2020 campaign and election cycle. Only now, Democrats and the powers-that-be seemed to be content to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Check out how multiple media outlets reported about Biden’s falling numbers.

The New York Times even reported on Biden’s polling demise. Given all we know about how the media works, think this orchestration is by choice? I declared long ago that real polls show Biden is done. I stand by that declaration.

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Regardless, only a few days post Biden being 10 points down from Trump, we learn from the propaganda machine:

Joe Biden, who has seen a rollercoaster of results recently in polls across the country ahead of the 2024 presidential election, received good news on Wednesday after a new poll showed the president in the lead among registered voters.

The poll, released this week by The Economist and YouGov, actually showed a widening in support for the likely Democratic nominee in 2024, as Biden increased his numbers by a few percentage points since the same poll a month ago.

Biden Leads Among Registered Voters

President Joe Biden leads Republican frontrunner and former President Donald Trump in the latest poll released by The Economist and YouGov this week, finding that the incumbent president holds a five percent lead over Trump among registered voters.

The poll, which specifically targeted those who are registered to vote, asked respondents which candidate they would back if Trump and Biden were to be their party’s respective nominees.

They found that Biden received 45% of those surveyed, while Trump came in behind him with 40% of those polled. Seven percent of respondents said “other,” while another four percent said they were unsure and three percent said they would not be voting.

Polling is propaganda.

Nobody truly believes that Biden is ahead of Trump. And after the brutal media beatdown on what is closer to accurate polling, the media was told to make amends.

What happened over the last few days that would have swung things back in Biden’s favor? His health? Those new tennis shoes? Or perhaps it was learning that the Chinese sent two wires adding up to $260,000 to Joe Biden’s residence on behalf of his “brother’s nephew”?

Wait, I know. Bidenflation mysteriously disappeared, and the economy leapt out of the recession? The streets are crime free, and Biden found the cure for cancer.

Or perhaps none of that happened. And like me, you realize how most of these polls are purely propaganda. An attempt by the unelected bureaucrats running things to manipulate. But like when they finally figured out that Trump might win in 2016, I know when they are panicked.

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