The Battle of Academia: White Professors vs Black Students

The second Morrill Act of 1890 required states to grant land for black colleges and universities if admission wasn’t allowed elsewhere. Thus, we saw the creation of HBCU’s.

Then, by 1969, changes in the cultural climate lead elite universities to double their admission of black students from the year before.

Of course, those aren’t the only milestones in black education. Let’s not forget the beauty of affirmative action. Technically, it started back in the 1960s, but I recall my first years as a college student. It seemed AA reached a fever pitch that year. No longer was college admission based primarily upon merit. Skin color was the edge up many students relied on, and it was a hot topic among voters.

In fact, in 1996 both California and Texas banned affirmative action, but as we all know, the tides have ebbed and flowed on that issue for decades now. But all of this is just chatter– the kind of chatter that creates tension– the kind of tension that muddles the truth.

The truth is, college is meant to be a privilege for those most minded towards gaining wisdom. It is supposed to be the place where people go to expand their thinking. It used to be an honor to go to college. There was a certain amount of decorum and respect. Now, higher education is just another entitlement. In fact, I’d call today’s college degree the $65,000 leftist scam.

It’s a farce. Liberal arts has morphed into brainwashing leftist propaganda. And now, racism is once again front and center in American Academia.

Black Privilege

In post-Obama America, the practice of black privilege, rooted in black racism is commonplace. Lawrence Johnson, one of our writers, recently shared the story of a first grade teacher who marveled at her own level of white-hatred. She bragged of her racist household and the joy she took in trying to destroy a biracial relationship. And she felt her stance was fully justified because she was black. Thus, hating someone on the basis of their color- completely acceptable.

Eventually, the Mesquite School District got wind of Kyle’s social media posts and fired her. The move shocked the first grade teacher into silence. At least for now. But she’s just one example of how society is being programmed to reverse the hatred in some form of reprehensible retribution.

Look at this  headline from


It is purposely worded in a way that forces you to believe the professor is in the wrong.

According to the article:

A Black student was arrested at Winston-Salem State University on Tuesday for not apologizing to a white professor. Dr. Cynthia Villagomez called campus police on Leilla Marie after she declined to revise her final presentation.

Videos have surfaced showing Leilla Marie handcuffed in a classroom and being [escorted] out by police officers.

“You’re getting me taken out in handcuffs ’cause I won’t apologize?” Marie said.

Marie was ultimately released “with bruises and a 2nd-degree misdemeanor.” She explained her side of the story detailing the stages of the argument that led to her arrest. During an Instagram live, Marie alleges Villagomez told her on short notice that her group project was incorrect and needed to be revised. The project was due to be presented on the same day.

Marie decided not to redo her final assignment and still came to class wanting to present with her group, and Villagomez told her it would “greatly impact your grade.”

How did this lead to an arrest?

Obviously, I get the technicality of it… the two started yelling at each other. One thing lead to another and campus police were called. What I don’t get is how the heck this student felt emboldened enough to yell at her professor.

When I was a student, we weren’t coddled. On the first day of class, we got a list of assignments for the semester. We did them, or we didn’t. No one circled the room and said “hey, you need to make a few changes if you want a good grade”. In fact, such feedback was so rare, it would’ve been greeted with high praises and multiple thank yous.

Instead, this student dropped an f-bomb and felt like she was unfairly punished. Here’s the simple fact of the matter. If the professor said “that’s not what I was looking for” and “you’re not presenting that project”, well then, that’s exactly within her right as the teacher.

Now, to be fair, the white professor didn’t call the police. Another professor made the call. However, when watching this snippet of video one thing becomes instantly clear.

Marie had no interest in deescalating the situation.

Had Marie exited the classroom immediately, and then contacted her professor after class, none of this would be an issue. Instead, Marie wanted to fight for her current project to be accepted. She didn’t want to revise her work because that required additional effort. And, in her own words, Marie was embarrassed by the suggestion to rework her presentation. Instead, Marie preferred the lower grade, and her professor refused to accept the substandard effort.

What Happened to Good Will Hunting?

Remember Good Will Hunting? The movie about the kid hired to be the janitor at MIT whose genius IQ was exposed when he solved some graduate-level math problem. Why doesn’t that level of passion for education exist anymore?

Do you want the investment banker who did “enough to pass” his classes? How about the surgeon who didn’t want to retry that one operation, because he could still get through the program. When do we stop allowing entitled brats to run things?

In the end, Marie decided she couldn’t continue her studies at the HBCU that demanded she put forth a little more effort.

Instead, Marie took to Instagram Live to say:

“I will no longer be representing WSSU, I can say that with a whole lot of confidence that I don’t feel like WSSU deserves my representation.”

“Y’all had me arrested for not apologizing to a white professor,” she said. “I came here for a really different experience from the one I got, and really 100% thought I would have gotten arrested at a PWI before getting arrested at my HBCU.”

Honestly, Marie wasn’t arrested for refusing to apologize. She was arrested for refusing to shut her mouth and accept a little authority in the situation. Afterward, Marie thought she could play the race card instead of working to rectify the situation. Sadly, her refusal to look at things from both sides of the fence tells me Marie is going to have a lot of struggles in life. In the real world, refusing to revise your work might just cost you the very employment that keeps the lights on. And a race card won’t be able to fix that.



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