Why McCarthy Got Ousted

and why Gaetz may be a hero

Republicans make history in dumping former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. And the time was perfect for this historic act.

McCarthy demonstrates how unprincipled politicians act. And his actions show what Republicans have accepted for decades.

When the time came for McCarthy to put on his big boy pants and stand up to Democrats, he caved almost every time. He caved even under the pressure of the constant threat of losing the speakership. Imagine how he would have behaved without the constant vigilance.

Contrast McCarthy with Nancy Pelosi. That woman was relentless in her pursuit of Leftism. She rarely compromised with Republicans. And almost never did she capitulate when Leftism was at stake.

The balls it took for Matt Gaetz to challenge McCarthy. To hold his feet to the fire. In the end, Gaetz forced McCarthy to show his hand. He had nothing. McCarthy hoped his nuance on positions would fool MAGA Republicans into allowing him to keep his job.

For example, where are the January 6 tapes McCarthy promised? Also, since when does a Republican allow a bill to pass with the support of more Democrats than Republicans? Lastly, how about the budget baseline?

These are but a few of the reasons McCarthy’s challengers question his position as House Speaker. 

Matt Gaetz stood on principle

Principle died in DC long ago. So when people exercise principle in that political cesspool called the Nation’s Capitol, inside the beltway denizens revolt.

How DARE Gaetz make McCarthy live up to his agreement with Congressional Republicans?

Time Magazine wrote a scathing article on Gaetz’s actions:

Gaetz’s is a stunt of the first order, but it could end up debilitating the House at the exact moment the nation needs it to keep the lights on. Polling shows Republicans already primed to be blamed if there were a government shutdown, and such high-wire brinksmanship only gives credence to Democrats’ argument that the GOP can’t be trusted with even the most basic kindling for fear they might burn down the government.

Blatant hogwash.

First, the debt ceiling has been crashed so much, the idea of calling it a ceiling is ridiculous. The government has never completely shut down. They play this political game each time, and each administration gets funded. Such is how the Uniparty gives Americans the illusion that we matter.

Second, regarding polling the author reference a favorable poll citing Republicans woes on the budget. However, on CNN I saw another poll where 39 percent of Americans blame Democrats for the shutdown, and 33 percent blamed Republicans.

The article continues,

Most lawmakers, including many in the far-right Freedom Caucus, have had it with Gaetz. Whereas they once excused his antics, most are now just dismissing him as a show horse more interested in booking TV hits than passing legislation. “Charlatan” and “fraud” have been bandied around without reservation. “A smart guy without morals” was the savage assessment of one lawmaker. Even Gaetz’s normal enablers are growing weary of the headlines generated without regard for what the second-day story might look like.

Perhaps Gaetz is viewed this way by some. But he won. So is this assessment really true?

Say what you want about Gaetz, but he accomplished an historic act. Detractors claim that Gaetz seeks the camera, ergo attention as if that’s a bad thing. The man is a R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T-A-T-I-V-E. His job is to get on TV and represent his people best. Ironically, the biggest issue politicians have is trying to get noticed.

I’m not cheerleading for Gaetz, but merely putting things in proper perspective. 

The man challenged the highest ranking Republican in Congress and won. On principle.

That’s a good thing.

McCarthy failed.

McCarthy needed to stand firm for conservative. We want OUT of Biden’s War. And we need to stop spending money on wholly unnecessary nonsense. And we need to restore dignity to politics and the justice system.


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