Biden Democrats Want this Black Mayor Back on the Plantation

How dare this big city black mayor think he can leave the plantation? Back in the day, Democrats would have called him an “uppity Negro”. Or worse.

The Biden administration made it known that New York City Mayor Eric Adams is “out of pocket”. That’s a pimp term that translates: acting up. And the Biden administration won’t tolerate black leaders thinking they run things in their cities.

So in typical Leftist Democrat fashion, the white power brokers who run the Party of Lynching of Negros sent a posse to straighten Adams out.

Joe Biden called FBI Director Chris Wray and explained how things needed to happen. And the Democrats new and improved version of the KKK performed to task.

According to multiple media reports, the FBI seized the phones of New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Friday. Supposedly, the FBI is investigating a donor scheme involving Adams’ campaign. If you know anything about misinformation, then you realize what’s likely happened.

To get Adams, Democrats must first tie him to something sinister. They’ve already used Putin with Trump. So in this case with Adams, they’ve offered a new boogeyman: the Turkish government.

The narrative suggests that the Turkish government illegally funneled money into Adams’ 2021 political campaign. Obviously, I have no idea if this is true or not. But the obvious question is, “Why would the Turkish government do this?” Clearly, this scenario fits Hunter Biden more than it fits Eric Adams or anybody associated with him.

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Further, since when have Democrats gone after each other on what they consider trivialities?

Democrat campaigns are famous for receiving sketchy donations. It’s practically a badge of honor, second only to gathering illegal signatures. But now they have targeted their highest profile black mayor in the country on what appear to be ridiculous claims.

Prior to targeting Eric Adams, the FBI gave a veiled warning to him. The warning came in the form of a raid on Adam’s top fundraiser, Brianna Suggs earlier this month.

According to the sources, one of the factors of the raid is to determine is whether Adams offered kickbacks to a Turkish construction company. At the time of the earlier raid, the New York Times reported that there was no “indication” that the mayor himself was a target of the probe. But as Adams’ politics have become more critical of the Biden administration, so have Biden’s tactics become more aggressive towards Adams.

F.B.I. agents seized Mayor Eric Adams’s electronic devices early this week in what appeared to be a dramatic escalation of a federal corruption investigation into whether his 2021 campaign conspired with the Turkish government and others to funnel money into its coffers, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

The agents approached the mayor on the street on Monday and asked his security detail to step away, one of the people said. They climbed into his S.U.V. with him and, pursuant to a court-authorized warrant, took his devices, the person said. The devices — at least two cellphones and an iPad — were returned to the mayor within a matter of days, the people said. Law enforcement investigators with a search warrant can make copies of the data on devices after they seize them.

Uppity Negro witch hunt

Politically, Eric Adams more resembles a moderate, if not a right-leaning moderate. Most of his policies invoke a common-sense approach to policy.

For example, Adams believes in funding police. He understands the implications of not doing so.

Also, in September, Adams stoked controversy around illegal immigration. In a speech Adams suggested that New York City would collapse if illegal immigration wasn’t curtailed. This could have been considered a slap in the face of Bdien.

Some believe the Biden administration is using the FBI as its attack dogs against Adams. They are sending a message to Adams to stop opposing Biden’s idiotic policies.

So what Biden-era policies have New York City suffering mightily. As Pelosi would likely say to Adams, “Embrace the suck.”

Still, how many investigations can the Biden administration launch against those who oppose them? That number is getting pretty high with just the 91 Trump investigations alone.

Let’s see how Adams handles these investigations. Or who else Biden decides to target.


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