Democrats Panic: Biden Freezes Again

If you want to evaluate the state of America’s military, just look at its “leader”.

A video has gone viral of Joe Biden attending a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. In the video, Biden look disoriented and confused.

I hope Democrats are proud.

Biden stands in front of the wreath with no idea what to do. Then he pivots to leave, then returns to face the wreath. The serviceman has to tell him what to do.

Understand that Biden has witnessed this ceremony many times. But he can’t seem to remember what to do. You know his many handlers briefed him. And he was likely wired for sound, so they could coach him through the event.

Still, Biden looked like a buffoon. And I’m not the only one who noticed.

Many people commented on social media after the video. The preponderance of responses calling Biden “embarrassing” and “pathetic.”

Talk radio host Michael Brown wrote, “Time to go home. Pathetic at such a solemn ceremony. We shouldn’t laugh at this. Instead, we should recognize the Commander-in-Chief is incapable of being the CnC. Someone stop this madness. Looking to you @FLOTUS. Do you love him? Take him home.”

One of my favorites:

Another person sarcastically wrote, “Our enemies must be shaking in their boots.”

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Below is screenshot of the first few comments on the Biden video. Clearly you can see how Biden got 81 million votes after reading how people think of him:

Remember when America had a real president? The one who only wrote embarrassing tweets?

Donald Trump knew what to do. Watch in the video below:

You show reverence; pay your respects. Then return to the line.

Yes, it really is that simple. But not for braindead Crooked Joe. That clown can’t do the obvious. And when he accomplishes something as small as exiting the stage without falling, the Left celebrate the act.

As an example, one of Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign (yeah, right!) promises is to “restore America’s greatness”. I guess the old fool forgets that he promised that in 2020, pre-coup?

That should have disqualified him from running, since Trump had already accomplished MAGA.

The most interesting development I await is how Democrats dump Biden. Sadly, it’s only a matter of when. Because I’d love to see Trump face Biden in a fair election.

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