Maxim Hot 100 List Goes Crazy Woke

I don’t mind having my sensibilities tested. But this latest attempt by the Left to make ugly beautiful vexes me. Thus, I revolt.

Maxim magazine is known for putting stunning women on its cover.  But Maxim jumped off the cliff in their latest suck-up to the transgenders in the LGBTQIA+ movement in its choices for the Hot 100 List

I discussed this in a video I made on the subject below.

My comments were based on the X post below from End Wokeness.

This is Dani Laidley, a biological male

Dani was just added to the “Hottest 100 Women” list by Maxim Magazine

To each his own when it comes to looks. But from my vantage point Dani is not physically appealing. Ok, I’m being nice. Dani is ugly.

I know there are people who will be very upset with my truth about Dani. So allow me to clarify.

Dani might be the most beautiful person, inside, in the world. But on the outside, she’s ugly. Ugly is a fact of life. Quite a few people have come to grips with it, and accept it. They don’t play up their ugly, but instead find other ways to be appealing.

Perhaps some choose to have great personalities? Others might become amazingly smart. If you’re wealthy enough, you can take the Oprah approach and hire artists to paint you on new faces, and doctors to suck or cut out the ugly parts of your body. Whatever the choice, the person doing it remains ugly.

So, if Dani wants to play a woman, great. But for Maxim to attempt to define (redefine) beauty in Dani rankles me. Thus, I must draw the line. Below is a glamour shot of Dani; judge for yourself.

Number 92 of the Hot 100 of Australia? I’ve been to Australia. And I’m not being cheeky when I say I’ve seen better looking kangaroos.

As MSN reported,

“Many social media users were outraged by Maxim Australia’s “Hot 100” list after it included a transgender woman.

“Welcome to the 2023 Ultra Tune MAXIM HOT 100 – our annual, eclectic and definitive list of Australian women who have impressed, made headlines or simply had a huge year. The past 12 months saw an abundance of fine and fierce femmes who have wowed us with their aptitude, intellect, humour, attributes and overall incredible talents,” Maxim Australia Editor-in-Chief Santi Pintado said in a statement announcing the list.

Riley Gaines, a woman confronted directly with transgender men posted on X:

I looked at the Maxim covers going back a few years, and Dani couldn’t even get a participation trophy.

Idris Elba (Left Middle and Left Center) aside, just look at the women who have graced the cover of this magazine. Honestly, I don’t think Dani could beat Elba who is all man.

A slap in the face to women

But what of the misogyny on other women who didn’t make the list?  What next, a transgender man winning Woman of the Year? Oh wait. That’s already happened.

Dani making any Maxim list insults real women who have appeared in Maxim. A fake man is one thing, but an ugly woman is another.

What other assaults to our sensibilities must we endure by the woke crowd?

What I still find most amazing is how this nonsense seems to be unidirectional. The emasculation of men continues. But where is the “masculation” of women.

I keep searching for the stories of men complaining about transexual women who become men. Where are these unicorns? I know they exists. However, they seem gentile compared to when men cross over to “womanhood”.

If transsexuality is such a big issue, why are the problems only occurring on one side? Shouldn’t this problem be universal? Or do transsexual women-turn-men cease to have problems?

Where is the cover with the sexiest man who is a transsexual? Women certainly have an advantage in looks, so that should be a no-brainer. In all the episodes of Maury where I was asked to guess the sex of the person, I don’t recall one single man presented. Did I miss those episodes?

I certainly don’t expect to see a biological female-turned-“male” to be a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Merch you can only get here. Merch with PURPOSE!

An attack on women

I’m beginning to think that the “woke” crowd secretly hate real women. Caitlyn was selected as Woman of the Year her first year as a transgender woman. Bruce Jenner hadn’t even transitioned, and won this award. A man who never had a period or suffered a menstrual cramp.

“Caitlyn” never experienced the pain of childbirth or lactating, engorged breasts. Woman of the Year.

Congratulations Maxim for feeding the craze of wokeism.


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