Nancy Pelosi: Now This Looks Like an Insurrection

It’s interesting how Democrats can’t seem to recognize real insurrections. But they like blaming “Fedsurrections” on peaceful Americans.

J6 protesters languish in jail for doing nothing. But the Hamas-loving terrorists who protested in Washington laugh in the face of the so-called criminal justice system. Stay on the “left” side of the narrative, and you can get paid to riot.

Collin Rugg posted on X a video of tens of thousands of Hamas-sympathizers who took DC captive.

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Prior to the takeover of our government by Muslim Brotherhood-loving Barack Obama, how many people do you think would have protested for terrorists in America?

I’ve discussed on my radio show and written often of the blatant anti-Semitism of the Left. Democrats have in their political midst congresspersons who openly express their hatred of Israel. If these people hide in plain site, imagine those who have infiltrated the various government agencies, many of which deal with national security.

These protesters weren’t like J6 protesters, Tea Party members, or MAGA followers. The Hamas supporters are evil people, blatantly racist against Jews. And when given the signal, they will gladly kill anybody who doesn’t agree with their philosophy.

Consider the scale of these people. Almost all of them came from other countries, aka Third World crapholes. They enjoy freedom in America, and opportunities they’ve never known. Yet, their baggage overflows with old-country philosophies of anti-Semitism.

Democrats created these problems in two ways.

One, they invited terrorists into our midst with their lax border policy.

Two (and worse than bringing in these terrorists), Democrats created these anti-Semitic, anti-American ingrates in academia.

In this video, the insurgents appear to want to storm the White House.

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America is only at the beginning of this turmoil.

Thousands of these people stream into the country each year. And as I mentioned earlier, academia creates thousands more. You can bet that many of those people who wore covers were university students being trained to hate.

Over the past two decades, most Americans have watched the takeover of America. Democrats have created an environment where hatred of the once great USA is acceptable, if not encouraged.

What a difference leadership makes.

This problem existed long before Donald Trump became president. But Trump’s policies in the Middle East helped the relationship between the Jews and Arabs. Then came Joe Biden. He took a wrecking ball to Trump’s successes. Now the world is in turmoil.

Sadly, Joe Biden can’t fix this. It will take Donald Trump to re-engage and make it happen.

I can only imagine what Democrats are saying about Joe Biden. Given his poll numbers and outlook for 2024, the scuttlebutt can’t be good. If things continue under Biden however, Pelosi may very well need to “build that wall” around Capitol Hill.


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