Wait until you see the stockpile of used Biden EVs

Let’s call Joe Biden the “economy killer”. Or maybe “Roundup”. Because anything he touches, dies.

So much for Joe Biden’s mandate to get Americans to switch to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Think of his EV mandate in the same way you likely viewed his vaccine mandate. Get it and you will die.

I’m not surprised that Biden would want Americans to double their transportation costs. Biden sells Bidenomics the same way.

Don’t believe what you’re actually going through financially, because Biden’s data shows you’re doing well. And his EVs will surely deliver the same pains to Americans.

For example, Car and Driver explains that EVs cost a small fortune compared to their antiquate gas-powered cousins. But not only do EVs cost substantially more, savings based on travel are negligible. But it get worse.

Next comes depreciation, where the numbers can be staggering. EVs depreciate faster and deeper than gas-powered vehicles. Much faster and much deeper.

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The cars aren’t selling

The public is rightfully skeptical about EVs. In discussing them with friends of mine who own them, they say don’t believe the charge mileage, especially on the highway. Also, they say that sometimes finding available charging stations is an issue.

I don’t know about you, but in my gas-guzzler, I don’t worry about either. I know what the gas mileage is approximately, especially on the highway. Also, I know that I won’t have any problem filling up at the next available, ahem…GAS STATION. It goes without saying that it won’t take me hours to refill my car, and be on my merry way. So I’m not surprised to learn that EVs are not selling as well or as fast.

EV inventories have increased by 506% from a year ago, with EVs sitting on lots for longer, according to CarGurus’ October report, released this month. EVs sit on the market an average 82 days versus 64 days for gas-powered vehicles, it said. In response to slowing demand, automakers like Ford and GM are cutting production.

What about maintenance?

PJ Media explained the “sticker shock” that will come to those who wreck their EVs:

“Sticker shock” has taken on a whole new meaning when new electric vehicle owners get their first repair bill following a simple fender bender. The Wall Street Journal reports that a San Francisco resident got in a minor accident with his electric truck. He thought that repairs would be “a couple-thousand-dollar bill from the repair shop and to be without his truck for a couple of weeks.”

Instead, the first-time EV owner was shocked to get a $22,000 bill for repairs that took 2 1/2 months.

The Biden administration has a goal to have 50% of all new cars on the road in 2030 be electric vehicles. That’s about 48 million cars and trucks. Owners are going to need chargers on the road, mechanics to service them, and parts to repair their vehicles.

None of those things exist in the numbers necessary for a smooth transition to EVs.

As far as repairs go, they may be more expensive than gas-powered cars, but the upkeep of EVs is only a fraction of what a driver pays for maintaining a conventional vehicle. But insurance is much higher and parts are twice as expensive as gasoline cars.

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Perhaps costs will drop as mechanics learn more about the vehicles. Or maybe standardization could help. But until then these cars must be handled with care. The article continues:

When these vehicles do get into a crash, repairs can be more complex for many reasons. The bodies can be more complicated to disassemble, and the repairs tend to require more steps and precautions, Fredman said.

Vehicles containing lithium-ion batteries also require special storage consideration because of the risk of fire when they are damaged, said Scott Benavidez, chairman of the trade group Automotive Service Association and owner of a collision repair business in New Mexico. Those precautions add both time and cost to the repair process, he added.

The fire hazard angle is relatively small, though these fires are very different and dangerous. Certainly the EVs must be kept away from other cars when the vehicles are stored. And there are likely other precautions that drive up the repair costs.

Essentially the move to EVs has little to do with saving the planet and more to do with curtailing car ownership. Many poor people will be priced out of the marketplace. And despite what the Left claim, EVs are very bad for the environment, and will have quite the opposite impact on global climate farce.

But don’t think logic and reasoning will factor into Heir Biden’s decree. The only thing that will stop this reckless agenda is to replace Biden with a realist. Thankfully for America, in his second term President Trump will crush this radical agenda, and implement a sane Green Energy program. One that balances well with renewable energy.



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