Can Dean Phillips beat Biden in New Hampshire?

Move over Rocky Balboa, as Dean Phillips may bring down the fake champ.

Pundits give Biden Challenger Dean Phillips a slim chance of beating Biden in New Hampshire, but honestly a chimpanzee with a pulse could be the Democrats’ Oval Office buffoon.

And that’s what scares Democrats. They’ve protected Biden as much as they can, but now reality sets in as the campaign season begins in full swing. No more sitting in the basement and hoping to Dominion-whip Donald Trump.

MSN writes,

Next week, another Minnesota politician, Congressman Dean Phillips, is looking to bring down another unpopular Democratic president, Joe Biden.

Mr Phillips’s chances of winning next week’s primary are slim, but a strong showing could wound Mr Biden and lure some Democrat big-hitters into the race belatedly.

It is a result that the Democratic National Committee is dreading. Not least because it would leave the party facing a logistical nightmare as it scrambles to choose another candidate in time.

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The logistical nightmare is underway. And the fact that the press even broaches the subject tells you all you need to know.

And the nightmare continues, as more than 20 states have already passed the deadline for candidates to enter their primaries. Further, several more will do so over the next couple of weeks. With each passing day, the Democrats’ faith in Joe Biden wanes, which presents big problems ahead for the party.

While Dean Phillips has been considered a non-player up to this point, MSN claims there are signs Mr Phillips will do better than many expect. This potential is bolstered by the fact that Biden is only a “write-in” candidate. A write-in candidate who has a horrible track record as president.

Because New Hampshire is a state where Democrats and Republicans can vote in either primary, the vote could be skewed either way.

In the case of the Republicans, many believe efforts are underway to get Democrats to vote for Nikki Haley. The hopes for those pushing this effort would be to embarrass President Trump. At the very least, the Haley camp hopes to dethrone Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from being the current first-place loser. Post-NH no amount of shenanigans will impact Trump. However, that is not the case for Biden. Most good pundits predict a much different outcome for Biden, and New Hampshire will begin his demise.

While registered Democrats heavily back the incumbent, Phillips leads Biden by 14 percent among undeclared voters.

Add to this Biden’s old age, lack of mental acuity, and the worst record in presidential history on almost all policies and you get a cocktail of possibilities.

If Dean Phillips can essentially come out of nowhere to stay close to Biden, expect the floodgates to open. And make no mistake about it, Democrats have a Plan B.

But their Plan B faces many headwinds, as they will be forced to select a new candidate. When you consider their selection of Biden over dozens of candidates for the 2020 coup of Trump, you get an idea of their desperation.

Gavin Newsom remains the top choice to replace Biden, which raises questions about the sitting Vice President. In what sets up like a Hollyweird sitcom, Democrats will soon choose between a failed governor and a Trollip as their two top choice to replace a pathological lying moron.

MSN continues on Phillips,

“Phillips is doing better now than people expected,” said Dick Bennett, who has been polling New Hampshire since 1976.

“I think likely voters in the primary view him as a legitimate candidate who could be the nominee.

“Joe Biden has never done very well in the New Hampshire primary. Say Biden gets 70 per cent of registered Democrats and Phillips gets 30 per cent, it will send a message.”

In 2020, Joe Biden finished 5th in New Hampshire, as Bernie Sanders cleaned his clock. And so did Pete Buttigieg. Both men received around 25 percent of the vote. Biden garnered just over 8 percent of the vote (and delegates), as he tucked tail and ran for South Carolina where the fix was in.

If you want a bit of perspective on the current VP, then presidential candidate Kamala Harris received 129 votes in the New Hampshire primary in 2020. To put this in perspective, write-ins received over 6,000 votes that year.

Nobody wants a Harris-[insert moron here] ticket. But Gavin Newsom while pivoting right recently faces headwinds to his potential ascension to the throne. His debate with DeSantis proved to be a disaster. Trump would destroy him.

Can Phillips dethrone the fake president?

Not a week ago, Dean Phillips held an event in Iowa where nobody showed up. And now he’s a threat to Joe Biden.

Certainly Democrats won’t allow Phillips to get much traction, and they will soon knee-cap him. He’s a distraction from whatever they plot for Biden, and the fact that the media is covering him currently speaks volumes.



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