Nikki Haley: Convenient Use of the Race Card

Remind me who is Nikki Haley? Oh yes, that has-been who never was, but still believes whoever she’s relevant. Nikki “Hooly”.

No need to rehash the primary results of New Hampshire. Or the bloodbath that will occur soon in South Carolina. And then there is Nevada, where Nikki “Hooly” can’t be “undecided”.

Besides the obvious, that Nikki Hooly has no chance at defeating Trump or even denting the fervor for Trump, I want to address the obvious.

I don’t believe Nikki Haley didn’t get in a pageant because they didn’t know where to place her. Nikki Hooly played the race card.

Hooly was born in 1972…you know, during the height of the Civil Rights movement. Not! So by the 1980s she would be old enough for beauty pageants. To believe Hooly, you must believe that beauty pageants in the 1980s were segregated.

Were there no Latinas in those beauty pageants? Or Asians? I honestly think the woman attended the Joe Biden School of Campaign Storytelling.

Strut around town in these legendary sneakers and showcase the memorable nicknames 45 bestowed upon his political rivals. Slip on these bad boys and suddenly you’ll feel like the golden-maned gladiator who roundhouse-kicked the deep state into oblivion! Let the MAGA power flow from your toes to your tongue, ready to tell Leftists, “Not today, Satan!” Warning: wearing these may lead to spontaneous nickname creation for all the Leftists in your life. Grab a pair TODAY and join the nickname revolution!

Babylon Bee mocked Haley with a meme:

Nikki Haley Recalls Her Daring Childhood Escape From Slavery On The Underground Railroad

CallMeDave posted a classroom picture of Haley, and referenced Rosa Parks:

Rosy Parks, as Nikki Haley was known, recalls how she bravely revolted against being forced to ride in the back of the school bus for being a slightly darker shade of pink than some of her fellow students. At least, she was not a redhead. The gingers couldn’t even get on the bus.

As for being the “little brown girl”, Nikki Hooly has some competition. She looks mighty light compared to those little black “chirrens”.

Funny how the schools figured out what class Little Nikki belonged in. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Nikki appears to be with all the kids, and not just the brown ones.

Hooly lied about this pageant, using a play from the Left’s playbook. But do you think the fake news media would question Hooly on it?

In her attempt to be relevant and relatable to the Left, Nikki exposed herself. The good news is Nikki Hooly doesn’t matter.

I wrote this of Nikki Haley:

Nikki Haley has as much chance to be president of the United States as my cousin Ray Ray. But that won’t stop the Left from trying to shoe-horn her in.

The question is why?

I’m issuing a trigger warning for Haley supporters and other Leftists. Because what I have to say about her is not flattering in the least. Nikki Haley is dumb.

And I backed it up with two glaring examples. Haley doesn’t deserve to be president. And frankly I hope she leaves politics. Conservatives need loyal practitioners and not turncoat traitors.

To think that I actually pegged Haley to replace Pence:

I wrote a while back about my prediction for President Trump’s running mate in 2020.

I said it would be Nikki Haley.

Then, there was the recent dog and pony show, where President Trump declared that Mike Pence was his running mate again.

Normally, I would have called “foul”. Because when politicians do things like that, it’s usually to cover-up the real story. I chose not to do this, because Trump is not the typical politician. In fact, I don’t think of him as a politician at all. But he has learned to play the game.

It turns out my intuition may have been correct about Haley.

Haley had her shot and she blew it. I’m very happy Haley exposed herself. It reminds me of my glee in learning the true nature of Mitt Romney. America dodged a bullet. Yes, Obama sucked. But Romney would have kept conservatives on a slow boil, too ideologically charged to se through him. And now he’s on the excrement heap of history, soon to be joined by Haley.




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