Biden Makes a Desperate Campaign Move

The 81-Million-Vote-Man is having trouble connecting with his loyal supporter base apparently.

While Donald Trump was holding a massive rally in the Bronx, Joe Biden reflected on his inability to gain traction.

Only days earlier Biden pandered to Blacks. He visited the NAACP, gave a Morehouse graduation eulogy, and spoke at the Black History Museum. All that to learn that Black are rejected him in record numbers.

Hedging his bets, Biden appealed to students. He awarded deadbeats with crappy degrees their money back in an unconstitutional grift. Despite this pander, the youth vote hasn’t swung back in Biden’s direction.

In a desperation move, Team Biden posted an ad looking for a person to be responsible for cultivating and managing ‘relationships with top digital media companies, podcasters, and meme pages across a number of social media platforms’. In other words, somebody Y-O-U-N-G. Still, I’m guessing only BIPOCS and alphabet soup freaks need apply?

Apparently, Biden wants to inject some youth into his campaign and hopes that he can “meme” his way to the presidency.

The Washington Times explains,

The Biden campaign is aiming to speak the language of youth by hiring someone to manage its content and meme pages, as the president’s reelection campaign struggles to connect with Gen Z voters.

In a job posting on Daybook, the campaign is looking to hire a partner to manage the campaign’s internet content, including memes.

Memes have played a big part in how presidential candidates have tried to get the word out about their campaigns.

Sounds like the campaign plans to put some of those Ukrainian funds to use. Now if they can only find a Leftist Gen-Z kid willing to work?

A bit late to revamp the campaign?

To hear the media explain things, Biden is in a statistical tie with Trump. If you believe that, then you likely believe Biden can garner almost as many people as Trump at a rally? Put another way, if you believe Biden is anywhere close to Trump in the polls, then you’re a f*cking moron.

Are there Leftist enclaves where Biden could potentially be leading? Perhaps. But I’m not buying it.

Forbes reported the following for New York, pre-rally:

Biden leads Trump 47% to 38% in New York, after beating him there by 23 points in 2020 (or 61% to 38%), according to a May 13-15 Siena College poll of 1,191 registered voters.

Biden is down 20 points in New York City and Trump has gained seven points compared to their 2020 numbers, when 76% voted for Biden and 23% for Trump, the survey found.

The 14-point swing in New York appears to account for undecided voters (7%), those who won’t vote (4%) and those who would cast their ballots for another candidate (3%).

The poll is the latest in a string of recent surveys by Siena College that show Biden’s lead in New York in the high single digits or low double digits.

I wonder what these numbers look like after Trump’s rally? One thing is certain: Biden’s numbers didn’t improve.

Can Trump take New York state? I think anything is possible if Democrats can’t cheat. And in that scenario, Trump crushes Biden with a Reagan-Mondale-type victory.

No amount of money or new hires will help Joe Biden beat Trump. Biden didn’t beat Trump in 2020, though he was awarded the victory. Biden has absolutely no chance of pulling off a victory in 2024, nor will he get the faux victory.

Biden’s reign of terror has ended. And the only memes that need to be generated involve those of his corruption and those who allowed him to operate with immunity.


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