Hollywood Insider Reveals How Democrats Really Think of Biden

Joy Behar is a vile creature. How anybody takes her or any of the idiot Leftist shrews of The View seriously floors me.

You can’t find two brain cells among the entire group. And most American women think nothing like these #metoo frauds. Now we get an indication that we were correct.

Joy Behar knows how cancel culture works, as she admits to being afraid to criticize Biden:

Partial Transcript:

BEHAR: I’m nervous about saying anything against Biden because, I feel, not that I have so much power, and you have some, more than I do, obviously.

MAHER: Well, I don’t know about that.

BEHAR: Are you afraid that you might, you know, influence people who are on the fence?

MAHER: I think you lose all credibility. I do. My bond with my audience has always been I don’t pull a punch. My bond with my audience is you’re not going to like everything I say, but you know what I’m saying what I really think is true.

What a backhand Bill Maher gave Behar.

He explained how Behar and the women of The View have no credibility. If you aren’t speaking truth, then what are you?

I’m no fan of Bill Maher. And while he recently has shown more sanity than normal, he’s far from being red-pilled. Still, occasionally he finds sanity and pundits are forced to make him our poster child for the reformed Leftist. And admittedly, he’s far more genuine than Behar and her crew; a low bar, nonetheless.

Hardly a host at CNN or MSNBC isn’t a total sellout. Go against the grain and you lose your job. This includes executives as former president of CNN Chris Licht learned the hard way.

But hypocrisy in media isn’t just for the Left.

Dan Bongino got vaxxed in order to keep getting his fat check from his radio deal at the time. And Sean Hannity and other softened their language often to keep their paychecks from Fox News.

But things are changing. Many Democrats agree with Behar

Joe Biden caused a mass exodus from the Democratic Party. The buyer’s remorse for voting for Biden shocks all hardcore Democrat sensibilities. Biden’s numbers and popularity make him impossible to cheat into office.

Much to the chagrin of the elitists who cheated Biden into office in 2020, they just concede the presidency to Trump this year and hope to get their gains cheating down ticket.

Expect more “Behars” to let the truth leak out. It’s not as if they have a choice.

With Trump leeching into their base with rallies in blue states, and particularly blue enclaves like the Bronx, Democrats must confront their worst fears. No longer will their fake narratives against Trump work, as he meets them on what’s suppose to be their turf. It’s difficult to paint Trump as a racist, when tens of thousands of Blacks and Latinos cheer for him at his rallies. Nor can Democrats sell the idea that nobody likes him.

Those rallies represent America in her full mosaic. Black, white, Latino, Asian, blue collar, white collar, Christian, atheist, and so on. Trump built the big tent that Reagan wanted, something no Republican has been able to do. And Trump’s messages reaches into the soul of the country, as Americans realize what the Democratic Party and its RINO consorts have created.

Millions watched the former friends of a billionaire entrepreneur get turned into a pariah simply because of his politics. Thus, they realized that the government will weaponize against the country’s “best and brightest”, all to “save the democracy”.

Democrats put their version of America on full display. And the country rebelled. America knew for some time what Behar was afraid to say.



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