Rumor: Will Joe Biden Drop Out

Only a fool would not consider a Plan B as it pertains to Joe Biden. And while most Democrats are indeed fools, let’s consider what they are discussing behind closed doors.

In the wake of Trump’s two massive rallies, Democrats are bouncing off walls. Trump’s triumphs only showcased Biden’s frailties.

Let’s not forget that Biden has more than lost a step. Although we haven’t seen Joe Biden take as many falls as he had a few months ago, it’s not because of his rigorous training regimen. As we’ve learned recently, the Left hides Biden walking as they attempt to disguise a man who walks like he one roller skates. Elbow, knee pads, helmet, and mouthpiece.

But if you think Biden stumbles while walking, consider his countless verbal vomits.

In his pander to Blacks via his NAACP speech, the White House made 9 corrections. What an embarrassment. And what of this word salad, as Biden explained the PACT Act.

Rumors of Biden’s demise

In February of this year, MSN began asking how Democrats might replace Biden. They offered 7 other Leftist nobodies.

Following President Joe Biden’s announcement of his re-election bid last April, Democratic leaders swiftly rallied around his candidacy, which is typical for an incumbent. Yet, Biden’s journey up until now has been anything but ordinary. The Delaware Democrat brings with him over five decades of experience in Washington as a Delaware senator, former vice president, and now President. Despite being 82 years old at a potential second inauguration in January 2025 and 86 at the end of a second term, Biden has staunchly defended his reelection bid, touting accomplishments such as the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Inflation Reduction Act. However, concerns about his age persist among voters, particularly following scrutiny over his handling of classified documents.

While speculation swirls about his future in the race…the question of who might succeed him in such a scenario looms. Let’s take a look at potential Democrats who could replace Biden if he decided not to run in the 2024 presidential elections.

Earlier than MSN’s article, CNN offered 11 potential replacements for Biden at the end of 2023.

Combine President Joe Biden’s age (he’ll be 82 shortly after the 2024 election) and his ongoing political struggles (he’s mired in the low 40s in job approval) and you get this: a series of stories examining whether Biden runs again and, if not,  who might take his place.

We are in the midst of just one of those news cycles, with The New York Times publishing a big takeout on the potential Biden replacements within the Democratic Party over the weekend.

The White House, aware of the whispers, made clear Biden is planning to go for a second term. “The President has every intention of running for reelection,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday.

But … what if Biden’s plans change?

What if Biden’s plans were changed for him?

Some claim that Democrats will replace Biden if he bombs the debate. If that’s the case, then hopefully Democrats have a replacement ready. Because Biden will bomb the debate. That’s if the debate happens at all.

These days it’s not unusual for Joe Biden to sh*t his pants. After all, the man is 183 years old. But the prospect of debating Trump definitely caused Democrats to stock up on Depends, as truth-be-told Joe Biden wants no part of Trump.

Trump crushed Biden in 2020, and 2024 will be no different. Except Trump has more proof of the 2020 allegations he hurled at Biden. Debate over. Election over. Trump’s second term begins.

If Leftists want Biden so badly, why were they polling Gavin Newsom versus Trump a while back? And why are they polling Trump versus Harris now?


Biden stands no chance against Trump

The Telegraph’s Henry Olsen provides a great analysis of Biden’s future: (emphasis mine)

There’s less than six months until Election Day – only four months until early voting starts in three states – and Biden remains behind. One has to go back to 1992 to find a candidate who won the popular vote when trailing at this point. Given Trump’s advantage in the Electoral College – he likely carries it even if, as in 2016, he loses the popular vote by 2-3 points – and it’s clear Biden is running against recent history.


The campaign surely knows that no American president since at least Harry Truman in 1948 has won re-election with such dire polls.

That probably explains Biden’s surprise gambit to challenge Trump to a debate on June 27. Incumbents typically avoid debates unless forced to. The fact that Biden not only wants a debate but wants one before either man has been officially nominated by their party shows he tacitly knows he’s in a big hole and needs something fast to change the momentum.

That early debate date signals something else, something no one yet wants to seriously discuss: the possibility that Biden may yet drop out. The Democratic convention does not begin until August 26, almost two months later. The first presidential debate typically attracts the most viewers. This might not apply this year, as none has ever been held in the summer. Nevertheless, scheduling the debate in late June gives Biden time to recover his standing and go into the convention on an upswing.

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Even this delusional Leftist understands Biden’s plight. Trump-hating Jeremy Mayer wrote:

The November election is the rematch America doesn’t want: the two oldest and among the most unpopular candidates in our history.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Republicans are stuck with former President Donald Trump. Unless he dies or is incapacitated medically, he’s their nominee. He may have to win to stay out of jail.

But there is a way for President Joe Biden to step aside, to voluntarily remove himself for the good of the nation and the party.

Biden could announce, anytime this summer, that he’s out. He could use the same logic that got him the nomination in 2020. He sincerely and accurately believed that he was the Democrat with the best chance to beat Trump. Now, he is one of the few national Democrats who could get Trump reelected.

Republicans aren’t “stuck” with Trump. We embrace Trump, despite the propagandists who act as if we settled. That’s their way of rationalizing Biden, because the Left indeed settled.

No Democrats really wants Biden to run again. But Trump is a beast. Don’t believe me; believe the 100,000 blue state New Jerseyans who came out to see Trump. And the thousands of Bronxites as AOC called them who flocked to see Trump.

As Trump might croon to AOC, “I’ll take Manhattan”. Because he very well may take Manhattan and the other 4 boroughs.

No Democrat on the planet can beat Trump. But that shouldn’t stop Democrats from trying to show well. But there aren’t enough drop-boxes, dead voters, freak viruses, or Dominion machines to drag his old carcass over the finish line this time.

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