Biden’s Black Voter Problem Too Big to Hide

Democrats lie and then use their minions to sell their propaganda. And for the most part it has worked. But things have changed in ways it’s impossible not to notice.

Up to now, Democrats have hidden their lies in what they deem “conspiracy theories”. When confronted with truth or the exposure of their lies, they dispatch any whistleblowers or others who might play a role in the expose.

Apply this maxim to anything being discussed today to understand how Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden remain out of prison. Because there is no explanation when one looks at the simplest of evidence.

Hillary Clinton’s team made up Russian collusion and violated multiple laws in their attempt to paint Trump as a puppet of Putin and threat to the “democracy”. In the end we learned that Clinton orchestrated the ruse, and the American taxpayers paid $40 million to learn the truth.

And that’s just one lie contributing to Biden’s Black voter problem:

Biden extorted the Ukrainians to cover for his son’s crooked business. The Biden Crime Family profited from overseas dealings with Russians, Chinese, Ukrainians, and who knows who else. Their bank accounts, tax returns (or lack thereof), and other evidence presented ironically by them proves this to be the case.

Lie after lie by the Democrats exposed, conspiracy theories turned to realities, and yet no justice for these white, elitist Democrats.

The propaganda machine along with the crooked DOJ act in full force. But it backfired in one respect: the Black vote.

Black people have awakened to the game. The system previously believed to be in place for Blacks was proven to be applicable to Donald Trump.

Democrats made Trump an honorary Black man. But Trump didn’t have to play the sax on a late-night comedy show or screw a chubby intern to get the distinction. Instead, all Trump did was buck the system.

And Blacks have responded. Because if anybody knows there is a system, it’s Black folks.

The coveted Black vote has gone almost exclusively to Democrats over the past decades. But as Dillon wrote, “Times they are a changin'”

The Black vote is shifting. Dramatically. So much so that even the media has been forced to recognize it. The CBS report below is from less than a week ago.

The trend lines don’t bode well for Biden. But let’s look a few months back to see how we’ve gotten to where the CBS numbers are:

Still, Congressional Black Circus clowns pretend that they have control of the Black vote. They spew this nonsense as they need to hold on to the illusion of power.

Imagine what happens to the CBC if they can’t bring the Black vote to bear for Democrats. Those ignorant Black extortionists wouldn’t know how to act.

No experts needed.

I remember the days when the media counted minorities at Trump rallies. They acted as if all the people supporting Trump were white supremacists or Blacks suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. The media has been eerily silent on the minority count, and for good reason.

If you attend a Trump rally today, the Black demographic is represented proportionately, if not more as it was in New York. These results are problematic for Democrats. If they can’t call Trump racist, then what ammunition do they have to go against him.

And while Trump reached out to the Black community, the community reached back.

Not that long ago, Snoop Dogg squashed his supposed beef with Trump. But many Black entertainers never had a problem with Trump.

XXL reports on 13 rappers who support Trump:

Some of the biggest artists in hip-hop are still supporting former President Donald Trump despite his ongoing legal battles. In 2023, Trump was slapped with 34 felony counts for falsifying New York business records before the 2016 elections. Last August, he was indicted on 13 separate counts, including a racketeering charge and several fraud and false statement offenses in Fulton County, Ga. This past May, Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts in his hush money trial in New York.

Nevertheless, several rappers are standing by their 2024 Republican presidential hopeful. In an interview with comedian Theo Von on his This Past Weekend podcast last October, Sexyy Red gave props to Trump for pardoning Lil Wayne and giving out stimulus checks while he was in office from 2017 to 2021.

Longtime supporter Kodak Black is still onboard with Donald Trump, too. In 2021, Trump pardoned Yak, who was serving a four-year prison sentence for a federal firearms charge. The rapper’s time behind bars was a result of a May 2019 arrest. Kodak thinks people hate on Trump following the former President’s own arrest this past April.

In the past, rappers such as Kanye West, Fivio Foreign and 6ix9ine have expressed their support for Donald Trump. Even some of the current rap stars have shown their support for the Donald.

Expect more Black entertainers to jump on the Trump train, as the truth gets out about Trump. And Biden. Because while Trump has proven his respect for Blacks, Joe Biden is the straight-up racist.

The Black vote is no longer only for Democrats. And America has Trump to thank for that.

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