Democrats' Laughable Cover for Biden Aging

Have you heard the latest about how Democrats portray Biden as “youthful and vigorous”? This may be their most interesting tactic yet.

Remember the commercials with the black hair spray? Every time I look at Biden, I think of that commercial.

And then I remember the Frasier show where his dad used the product. It was a disaster.

The Hur Report did a number on Biden. It exposed the open secret.

Regardless, nothing will cover for Biden’s age. No hairspray, no Botox, nothing. If Biden were milk, he pours like cottage cheese.

Still Democrats will try anything. They shortened the stairs on Air Force One, and now they try this new “youth-inducing” strategy.

According to Axios, Biden now walks with many staffers to keep people from focusing on him.

Biden has introduced a change to his White House departure and return routine. Instead of walking across the South Lawn to and from Marine One by himself, he’s now often surrounded by aides.

Why it matters: With aides walking between Biden and journalists’ camera position outside the White House, the visual effect is to draw less attention to the 81-year-old’s halting and stiff gait.

Zoom in: Some Biden advisers have told Axios they’re concerned that videos of Biden walking and shuffling alone — especially across the grass — have highlighted his age.

    • Weeks ago the president told aides that he’d prefer a less formal approach, a White House official told Axios. He suggested that they walk with him.

White House staffers and reporters alike noticed the sudden change in Biden’s walk routine beginning in mid-April, after more than three years in which he’d typically walked solo.

    • Senior aides such as deputy chiefs of staff Bruce Reed and Annie Tomasini and close adviser Mike Donilon are among those who’ve walked with the president across the lawn to and from the helicopter.
    • Since the change, some advisers think the images of Biden’s walks to and from the helicopter are better, and they expect him to continue to have aides join him.

In considering this, Biden reminds me of a wounded wildebeest. I won’t show you the nature videos that mimic Biden. But suffice it to say, the hyenas would target Biden in the wild if they saw that walk.

How long will the attempted ruse last?

I saw a meme that depicted Biden so desperate that he’s has super blonde hair and an orange spray-on tan. While this may be something the Babylon Bee would create, I wouldn’t be surprised if reality doesn’t imitate art. Or in this case humorous art.

How many articles have I written of Biden’s pending demise. I’m still convinced that Biden will quit, leaving Kamala Harris to finish his dirty work of pardoning all the Bidens and the DOJ. But let’s hope Biden limps into the election. Because that’s all he will do.

I wrote of Biden being mentally unhinged. And this was prior to the Uncle Bosie “cannibal” story.

What will Biden say or do next? More handshakes with ghosts? New family members eaten by dinosaurs or Sasquatch?

Each day brings new surprises to Team Biden. And he’s getting more unpredictable. Moreover, it’s not like his staff is made up of the best and brightest.

More from Axios:

  • By the numbers: In March, Biden’s five walks to and from Marine One at the White House were by himself, or with family members.
  • Starting April 16, Biden was joined by staff or lawmakers nine out of 10 times he walked to and from Marine One.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates played down the significance of aides partially obscuring cameras’ view of Biden during the walks.

  • “He’s fully visible except for a few seconds,” Bates said. “Impeach.”

The big picture: Biden’s team has focused on changing voters’ perceptions about his age in recent months.

Nobody shows for Biden events. And despite the press doing all they can with clever camera angles, it’s not enough. The close things get to election time, the worse things are for Biden.

Finally, Trump gets stronger every day. Public perception has shifted in his direction. Nothing will change that.



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