Damning Evidence that Proves Fauci Lied

The covid anti-vax people will never get their apology from the Leftist Gestapo who attempted to shame us into stupidity. But that’s ok, because who crying now?

Anybody with a modicum of common sense knew the government was lying about covid and the so-called vaccines. Yet much of the public (stupid Leftists mostly) believed the “experts”.

Now the irony.

The Biden administration was forced to ban some of the groups who lied about the origins of covid from receiving grants:

Health officials said they were suspending three active N.I.H. grants to EcoHealth that totaled $2.6 million for last year. And they proposed barring the group from receiving future federal research funding. Such bans, they said, usually last no more than three years, but could be longer or shorter.

In explaining the decision, health officials cited a series of lapses that the N.I.H. had first reported nearly three years ago. Chief among them was EcoHealth’s failure to promptly report findings from studies on how well bat coronaviruses grow in mice, health officials said.

“I have determined that the immediate suspension of EHA is necessary to protect the public interest,” wrote Henrietta K. Brisbon, a health department official, referring to EcoHealth Alliance.

Hopefully next we start banning the “experts” who pushed the vaccines. One such person to look at is David Morens.

Morens worked under Fauci for decades. He is the best friend of Dr. Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, and he testified before Congress on gain-of-function.

The evidence suggest that EcoHealth received a lot of money from Fauci by way of Morens. The money was given to increase gain-of-function, something Fauci denied repeatedly having done.

Morens returned to Capitol Hill to face Congress where he was asked about his use a Gmail account to circumvent the Freedom of Informant Act (FOIA) when communicating about the covid virus. We learned through his emails that he thought he could “delete anything he doesn’t want to see in the New York Times.”

Morens’ testimony sounded like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee.

Clearly, the NIH protected and its friends. And they did so at the expense of public health.

Chairman Brad Wenstrup, (R-Ohio) commented to the Washington Examiner,

“He denied discussing EcoHealth and the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) with Dr. Fauci, but in his emails, he did. He denied conducting official NIAID or NIH (National Institute of Health) business over his personal emails. He did.”

Essentially, Morens advised his “best friend” on how to get his Wuhan grant, a grant that had been canceled during the Trump administration in 2020. Further, Morens also inquired from the head of FOIA as to how to avoid having his emails be part of the public record.

“I learned from our FOIA lady on how to make emails disappear,” Morens emailed to NIH officials.

While some of Morens’ explanations are plausible, as people do convolute personal and business information from time to time. The more reasonable explanation is that Morens and others at the NIH covered up things they didn’t want the public to know that involved official government business.

At one point when pushed as to whether he conducted business on his private email, Morens admits some of his emails “looks pretty incriminating.”

One of the most incriminating inquiries came from Marjorie Taylor-Greene. She reads out loud his email about how he and Fauci deleted their emails regarding the origins of covid. And then she questions the kickbacks from EcoHealth Alliance that Morens wrote about in an email.

Funny how the truth finds its way out. And how that truth backs up all the “conspiracy theorists”.

The simple truth is Americans can’t trust our government. Fauci appears to have been enlisted to bring down Trump by spreading lies about covid and the vaccines

Trust me folks, we are only at the beginning of this coverup.


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