Former CNN Host Gets Blasted with his Own Words

Leftists forget just how stupid they are, until confronted with what else…their own words.

Chris Cuomo spews out nonsense on a daily basis. Because he loves to hear himself talk. But his ideas are not his own. He evens says this.

Watch this exchange where Cuomo is forced to listen to himself.

Real-time fact-checking

Even after hearing what he actually said, Cuomo continued denying what he said. Because that’s how Leftist roll. Regardless, that’s not the important part of what Cuomo did.

Cuomo readily took the advice of the so-called experts on Ivermectin. He then admits that when those experts told him that everything they previously said was bullsh*t, he happily switched.

He didn’t even question them? Or ask, “Why should I believe you now, if everything you told me earlier was bullsh*t?”

In the interview Cuomo tried to come off as a voice of reason. He failed.

Worse, Cuomo’s misinformation didn’t stop with Ivermectin. He actually accused unvaccinated Americans of being “the biggest enemy in America.”

As I’ve said of Leftists, they commit their crimes then back away slowly; hoping nobody will see them slinking away.

In the case of Cuomo, he’s now trying to convince Americans that he did nothing wrong. He listened to the experts, so you can’t hold him responsible for that.

Cuomo did no research on Ivermectin, COVID, the vaccines, the origin, etc. Cuomo did what Leftists do, accept the talking points given to him. Irresponsible journalism, to say the least.

In this clip, Cuomo wanted the unvaccinated to get vaccine passports:

Look at all the Leftists who wanted the unvaccinated destroyed, and ask yourself how many of them have recanted.

Has Jimmy Kimmel recanted for his nonsense? If you find one, please let me know. Because I can’t find any. Even when confronted, as Cuomo was, I doubt they would admit that they were the idiots. Certainly the unvaccinated appear to be the smartest of the two groups. No chance of myocarditis or pericarditis or any other side-effects of the vaccine.

I caution Americans to not believe the media or their “experts”. Despite Google and Facebook trying to stop the truth, keep researching. Most of all, trust your common sense.

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