Hur's Report Shows Deeper Problems for Biden than Originally Thought

I see why Special Counsel Hur found Joe Biden too big of an idiot to prosecute. Reading that transcript made me want to check myself into the psyche ward.

I tip my hat to Hur and his team having to listen to Crusty the Clown drone on about all his political exploits. Biden admits to having the classified documents, accidental or otherwise. On that subject he is guilty.

What Biden most often says he does not recall is who packed his documents or other personal items when he left the vice presidency in 2009 and in the aftermath. Could it have been Hunter’s Chinese assistant?

Biden admits that chain of custody for the classified materials is unknown to him. He doesn’t recall reading them, then removing them from wherever he got them.

“My problem was I never knew where any of the documents or boxes were specifically coming from or who packed them,” Biden said, telling Hur he relied on staff to do that instead.

I suggest the congressional committee find out who had access to these documents. Who did pack them?

During the hearing, one congressman pointed out, 2 presidential candidates and one president have held classified documents. But only one has been officially charged.

Back to Biden’s interview. Based on the report, that fool can talk. And talk. AND TALK.

Biden meandered around subjects, and reminded me of the lonely old guy who’s lost his family and just wants somebody to listen to him. I imagine Dr. Jill is fed up with wiping food off the creases of his mouth while spoon-feeding the old fart, then cleaning up after he sh*ts his Depends.

Frankly, I’d like to see the video of this interview. That would certainly clear up any misconceptions. For comparisons sake, my bet is Joe Biden made E Jean Carroll look sane.

Why is there no video of Biden’s interview? Biden is president, for sadness sakes. One would think videotaping him would be a prerequisite, particularly so we can see how “youthful and vigorous” he seems.

Instead of seeing Biden in action, we get Biden propagandists like Jerry Nadler speaking on Biden’s behalf:

Reuters attempts to refute Hur’s assessment of Biden:

Hur’s report called Biden an “elderly man with a poor memory,” but the 250 pages of transcripts depict a loquacious Biden offering detailed descriptions of everything from the first legal memo he ever wrote (a case related to an oil refinery worker who was wearing the “wrong jeans, and … a spark caught fire and got caught in the containment vessel and he lost part of his penis”) to the time he embarrassed the leader of Mongolia, to the construction of his Delaware home.

He’s particularly impassioned about his Delaware home; at one point Hur tells Biden “you appear to have a photographic understanding and, and recall of the house.”

As for Biden’s “photographic memory”, it was on his house. Many demented people can remember certain iconic times. So that proves nothing.

I hasten to add that we are dealing with a pathological liar. Biden remembers differently than most. In fact, Biden remembers for the audience, the moment, the topic and so on. He makes it up like Keyser Soze.

But the most interesting part to me is Biden’s “car sounds”. Democrats know that Biden did this. And the transcript proves that Biden is nuttier than squirrel turds.


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