Joe Biden Involved in Brother's Healthcare Scandal

Two things are about to happen that won’t be good for Joe Biden or the Democrats.

First, America will learn the truth about how the Biden family used Joe Biden for their individual grifts. Second, Joe Biden will be outed for being a corrupt politician, no different from most of his Democrat cronies.

Regarding the latter, Biden’s days are numbered. So Leftist elites have authorized the leak of information formerly kept under wraps in the media. Case in point, this article in Politico about Jim Biden’s health care scam.

Politico explains,

In 2017, a hospital operator set out to build a rural health care empire with the help of a Philadelphia-area consultant.

The consultant, Jim Biden, had no experience running hospitals. But he did understand the federal government and had ties to labor unions. Perhaps more important, he was the younger brother of Joe Biden.

Sound familiar? A Biden family member involving himself in business where he has no experience? What could Jim Biden possibly be selling?

I suspect if “investigators” follow the money, there will be a circuitous path that ends with “the big guy” getting his part.

The article further explains that Joe Biden understood the finality of his tenure as Obama’s VP.

The final years of the Obama administration had cemented the former vice president’s towering stature in the world of health care, where he had made the fight against cancer a top federal priority and, then, a centerpiece of his legacy-building efforts.

For then 67-year-old Jim Biden, the third of four Biden siblings, his ties to his older brother made up much of his pitch as he pursued deals that could help Americore make money from drug rehab, lab testing and even cancer treatment.

“This would be a perfect platform to expose my Brothers team to [your] protocol,” Jim Biden wrote to the CEO of a Tampa-area company that controlled licensing rights to an experimental cancer treatment the hospital operator wanted to offer. “Could provide a great opportunity for some real exposure.”

Recall that Obama put Joe Biden in charge of curing cancer. How did Biden perform? Like a Biden.

I documented how Biden’s cancer charity was a scam:

The charity took in $4,809,619 in contributions in fiscal years 2017 and 2018, and spent $3,070,301 on payroll in those two years. The group’s president, Gregory Simon, raked in $429,850 in fiscal 2018 (July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019), according to the charity’s most recent federal tax filings.

Simon, a former Pfizer executive and longtime health care lobbyist who headed up the White House’s cancer task force in President Barack Obama’s administration, saw his salary nearly double from the $224,539 he made in fiscal 2017, tax filings show.

With a scam like this, why not introduce the Biden family racket to the health care industry. They could print money.

The article continues,

The email, obtained by POLITICO from a person close to the company, documents one of the many ways in which Jim Biden invoked his brother’s name and clout in the course of his work with Americore, which has since gone bankrupt, wreaking havoc in rural communities in the process.

Unearthed email? Joe Biden was vetted, and Democrats knew every detail of his life. The pathological lies. The philandering and sexual assaults. And of course the grifts.

Joe Biden has been for sale for decades. After he was hand-picked from the collection of Leftist losers to get shoe-horned as POTUS in the coup of Trump, Biden was given a license to steal. He could fully entrenched himself in his family’s larceny, behind the scenes of course.

Duplicate email accounts with fake names, multiple bank accounts, and burner phones is how the family operated. Undoubtedly, no legitimate business in America operates like the Biden family businesses. And you can bet if Trump set his businesses up like this, the entire Trump family would be in prison, including Barron.

While Leftists focus on Donald Trump’s admitted and sanctioned business bankruptcies, they never discuss those of the Bidens.

Almost every deal touched by the Bidens ends up in bankruptcy or insolvency of some sort. The bigger the company, the bigger the fall.

Americore. Gone. Burisma. Gone. Even the partnership the Biden family had with a Chinese spy who worked for the Chinese Communist Party. Gone. America. GONE!

Why would anybody “invest” with the Bidens? The Bidens bring no market expertise to any businesses they pursue. Worse, they suck millions of dollars from the bottom line; yet companies seem anxious to work with them.

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Back to the email. The article continues,

Jim Biden spoke of plans to give his brother equity in Americore, according to one former Americore executive, and install him on its board, according to a second. He also said that if Americore could find a winning business model for rural health care, his brother could promote the company in a future presidential campaign, a third former executive told POLITICO. All were granted anonymity to discuss a company mired in legal and political controversy.

Remember those payments to Joe Biden from his brother? Here’s what I wrote at the time:

Carol Fox, an Americore Chapter 11 trustee, told the House Oversight Committee on Monday that the now-bankrupt healthcare company previously provided a $600,000 loan to James Biden. The made the loan pursuant to James Biden delivering on the promise to get them funding from a Middle East investor. In this case, Joe Biden was unable to make that happen, despite getting paid.

Now the coverup.

On March 1, 2018, after Americore wired a $200,000 loan to James and Sara Biden’s personal bank account, James Biden sent a payment of the same amount to Joe Biden for an alleged loan repayment. No matter how the media tries to spin this, the money was Joe Biden’s payment for services to be rendered.

As you consider what Fox did to pressure the Biden, understand how that judge ultimately kicked Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal off the table and into public scrutiny.

Joe Biden will deny having any knowledge of this, save the “loan repayment”. That’s because the modis operandi for Joe Biden is to deny having any knowledge of his family’s business dealings. But that won’t help him. Someone higher than he let the dogs out.

This story about Americore is not new. So why is Politico regurgitating what’s already been digested? Only months ago, we learned of the “loan repayments” via canceled checks, so again why now?

Because Joe Biden is done.



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