Lesson in How to Debate and Crush Leftists

I’m going to do clinics on how to debate Leftists. Because most people are afraid to engage with these vile lunatics.

However, debates can occur and with good effects.

Take this debate between Charlie Kirk and a young woman on abortion. While Charlie wins the debate, I believe he could have made a much more compelling argument with a full frontal attack:

The young lady made a mistake that prompted Kirk to allude to her racism. And that was a mistake by both of them.

From the onset Kirk should have pursued the race question. He should have begun the conversation with this statement.

“The fact is, if you support abortion, then you are a genocidal racist who likes killing Black people.”

This statement slaps Leftists into reality.

It explains to Leftists that they don’t hold the moral high ground they pretend to have. Because they have been indoctrinated to believe they are morally right. Yet the truth is quite the opposite.

So accuse them of being evil. And racism is the most evil of sins to them. Call them what they so often and easily call us.

Next, concede the shallow main point. In Kirk’s case he gave her enough rope to hang herself.

I would have said,

“Be honest, you believe abortion has lessened crime in America, right?”

We know her view, because she stated it. Thus, she would have answered, “Yes.”

To which I would have replied,

“So this argument is not really about a woman’s right to choose, but instead about criminality. You want to feel safer, as you should. And you believe that Black people are mostly criminals who make you feel unsafe?”

Ouch. So now she’s a racist who believes Black babies should be killed to prevent future crimes.

Try to imagine the mental contortions this young lady would have gone through in examining her views. And while she was still recovering from the pain of my “bitch slap”, I would have offered her solace.

“Look, it’s ok if you want to say that Black people commit more crimes per capita, and thus you agree that killing Black children is warranted and you wish to cover up your racism by claiming what you’re fighting for is a woman’s right to choose. But let’s also be honest and admit that you really don’t care about Black women’s right to choose. Truth be told, YOU want to choose for Black woman and kill Black babies, because you want a safer society.”

Brilliant truth that leaves little wiggle room for the young lady.

Still, while she contemplated how to get away from my toxic masculinity, I would add this final thought:

“So the real question is how safe do you want to be, and how many Black babies need to be killed for you to feel safer?”

I reveal her as a person who really doesn’t care about women, nor does she really care about Black people. She is forced to rethink her position on abortion, as is everybody around her.

Finally, I would make my point in the most profound way I know by asking,

“Which of these Blacks would you kill Martin Luther King Jr.? What about Jay-Z? Oprah Winfrey? Tiger Woods? Michael Jackson? If you say none, then why not? If they were babies, you would have no idea what they would become. Is your choice for abortion based solely on what somebody will become?”

“How do you know you haven’t killed a person that could have eclipsed all these people? If you can’t see the potential in a Black person are they simply  human weeds, deserved of murder?”

“Those who choose life, see what any Black person can become if given the chance.”

Here is my pro-life speech from a few years back. I hope you enjoy it.

Debating Leftists is a necessity. And you should relish each opportunity to de-indoctrinate these people.




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