Reason Why Michelle Obama Isn't Running for President?

I wish I had a dollar for everybody who worried that Michelle Obama might run for president. I’d have enough money to buy Epstein’s Island and his client list.

Now we get confirmation of what I’ve said for years going back to 2016. Michelle Obama won’t run for president.

Why shouldn’t Democrats repeat what they did with Hillary Clinton, only make this one bigger and blacker.

Oh wait. That’s right; Hillary Clinton lost. Further, Obama needs to get some bona fides on the political front. Perhaps she too can carpetbag in some state and become a junior senator.

Sadly for Democrats. Nothing will get Michelle Obama to run. And here are 4 reasons why:

Click here for the details I reported at the time.

But I also had a new theory. I Googled Trump versus Michelle Obama and there were no polls on that. You could find Trump versus Newsom, Harris, and others. But nothing for Obama.

Democrats weren’t even throwing up trial balloons. No testing. So this was another reason for me to know that Michelle Obama wouldn’t run.

The New York Post confirmed it. No great “Angry Black Woman” hope to step in and save the party.

The 60-year-old’s office closed the door hard on any potential run for the White House on Tuesday in a bid to squelch persistent speculation and wishcasting about her usurping the Democratic nomination from President Biden.

“As former first lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president,” communications director Crystal Carson told NBC News .

With all the problems Democrats are facing, why doesn’t Michelle Obama rescue the party? After all, she and Barack warned about Biden not that long ago.

“What’s going to happen in this next election?” Michelle fretted. “I am terrified about what could possibly happen — because our leaders matter.”

She also clearly questioned whether Biden can win the election. Sources told the outlet both Barack and Michelle have been deeply troubled by Biden’s plummeting approval ratings and seemingly diminished ability to handle the rigors of office.

That sounded like panic. And it was.

So what changed? Because it’s certainly not Biden’s polling or prospects?

Suddenly the Obamas support Biden? She offered this sentiment:

“Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.”

Former President Barack Obama has heartily backed Biden in his expected rematch against former President Donald Trump, saying he’s “all in” for his former vice president.

All in? At least until Biden is done. I still believe that will happen soon. So what’s the play? Why pretend to support Biden, when just a month ago alarm bells were sounding with the Obamas?

There is one more thing. Actually two things: Fani Willis and Letitia James.

Americans don’t like angry Black women. Fani Willis and Letitia James showcased what a Michelle Obama presidency would look like. And they want nothing close to that.

Democrats’ only resource is to cheat

Put nothing past Democrat scumbags, when it comes to trying to stop Trump. Leftist pollsters pretend that Trump and Biden are within 5 points of each other; but that’s not true.

Biden is upside down on every single policy issue, so how could he be close to Trump in polling?

As for the Obamas, I suspect that the powers-that-be told them to lay off creepy old corrupt decrepit Joe for now. At least until they can figure out a way to hide the corpse.

Until then, Joe Big Guy will have just enough support to give Democrats time to properly plan his demise. And because his fortunes are tied to Hunter Biden’s, Democrats will go for the two-fer.

The jury has deliberated, of this I am sure. I’m sad, because I want to see Trump whoop Biden’s old ass. We can’t let him pass into the afterlife without knowing Trump got his true victory…twice.

Democrats can’t cheat their way out of this. But that doesn’t mean we stop our vigilance. The good news is the worriers can remove Michelle Obama from their agenda as it pertains to being president.

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