The Latest Astounding Trump Donation Numbers

Alvin Bragg and his sham case against Donald Trump lit a fire under the American people. In a 24-hour period, Trump raised almost $53 million. Guess what the new astounding donation number is.

Before I get to the latest numbers, let’s understand the Democrats’ full plot against Trump.

In trying to drive Trump into the poor house, Joe Biden has driven himself there. The man finances are on life support, because Hunter Biden’s crooked business dealings can no longer fund “the big guy”.

I wrote of Biden’s financial woes:

Oh the irony. Biden’s attempt to break Trump financially have backfired. With the family front man out of pocket, Joe Biden finds himself in massive debt, as he owes over $815,000.

The Bidens’ debt consists of a term loan of about $15,000 borrowed against his home. In 2022! Two years into Biden’s presidency and the newly minted multi-millionaire borrowed that paltry amount of money? And more debt came from a loan against a mutual fund for about $50,000.

How is it that a guy who had money to “loan” to his brother, now doesn’t have a pot to piss in? Worse, the leader of the free world is beholden to two banks.

And while Democrats certainly strained Trump’s personal finances, they gave his campaign a true shot in the arm:

Consider what 74 million plus motivated Trump supporters can do, especially when pissed off. Even AllHipHop discussed Trump.

Donald Trump has reportedly racked up $200 million in donations in three days after being found guilty of 34 felonies, prompting 50 Cent to jokingly predict the end of days.

On Sunday (June 2), the entertainment mogul shared his reaction alongside a report of the former president’s fundraising efforts.



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50 Cent has over 32 million people who follow him on Instagram. So when I say that Trump reaches people no other politician reaches, that’s just one example.

Big Tent Ronald Reagan never dived this deeply into Black culture. And neither has any Republican president before or after.

Curiously, I wonder how many of those donations to Trump are from Blacks? Another subject for another day.

As Eric Trump pointed out, 30 percent of the donations came from NEW donors. For those who look at polls, the best polls are those that involve money.

If Trump energized 30 percent of new donors and voters to back him, that’s significant. Raising $70 million with an average $35 donation means 2 million donors bucked up post-verdict. Thirty-percent of that number means Trump added 600,000 new donors and potential voters.

But let’s shift from Trump’s donations and look at Biden’s post-verdict donations.

I Googled “post-verdict Biden donations”, here’s a screenshot.

Not only will you not find any stories of the Biden campaigns donations, but Trump dominates. Worse, Biden isn’t even trending, while Trump is the fifth most popular subject as of my search.

The reason the media isn’t reporting Biden’s fundraising post-verdict is simple: the numbers are dismal. Their silence tells you all you need to know.

I Googled just “Biden fundraising”, and you get the May 10 event where Biden raised millions. Not long after, Trump demolished Biden’s new record.

I searched further back, and here is what CNN reported for April 2024 fundraising.

Joe Biden raised more than $90 million for his reelection campaign and the Democratic Party in March, a whopping haul in a month that saw him pivot to a general election posture – including a forceful State of the Union address and a high-dollar fundraiser with some of his predecessors.

The campaign announced it has a war chest of $192 million cash on hand – describing it as “the highest total amassed by any Democratic candidate in history at this point in the cycle.” It also boasted its “strongest grassroots fundraising month since launch.”

Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee, meanwhile, ended March with a combined $65.6 million fundraising haul and $93.1 million cash on hand – a significant gap from the Biden war chest, though Trump will see a boost from the billionaire-heavy fundraiser he hosts in Palm Beach on Saturday. CNN reported on Friday that Trump and the Republican Party have raised $43 million so far for that fundraiser.

In 3 days of fundraising, Trump doubled the “whopping haul” that Biden raised in a month.

Suddenly the $192 million war chest of Biden doesn’t look so daunting. From my calculations, Trump now has over a quarter billion dollars of cash on hand, and growing.

What will the weaponized lawfare team for Biden do next to send Trump’s fundraising into hyper gear? Who knows. But it will happen, as Democrats can’t help themselves.

Democrats know without a doubt that they can’t cheat large enough to elect Biden. It would require 150 percent voting across the country, and even the dumbest of Democrats know they can’t cheat that big.

How much can, will Trump raise? The sky’s the limit. Better yet, he doesn’t need it. The Democrats keep Trump in the news, and he has become a victim, a martyr, a saint, dare I say…a GOD.

A reckoning is coming for Democrats and other Leftists. The American public speaks with its pocket book. And they will vote the same. Sadly for Democrats, there will be no opportunity to gen up another J6, because Trump will get his rightful second term.

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